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Municipalities in the Asia-Pacific region are facing increasing stress to control solid waste due to rapid urbanization, population growth and economic development. Moreover, the region is following a resource-intensive growth pattern. The material footprint per unit of GDP in Asia-Pacific is far higher than the world average(1.16kg/$), standing at 1.82kg/$ in 2017. It is therefore crucial for countries to rethink and redesign their growth pattern to achieve sustainability.

The zero-waste vision resonates strongly with the circular economy transition that countries in the Asia-Pacific region are now embarking on. UNDP, with its Zero Waste Offer, intends to support countries in addressing the challenges of solid waste management in an integrated manner based on the principle of the waste hierarchy and circular economy.

There are many zero-waste approaches that are springing up around the world and some of them are enabled through the public-private partnership (PPP). PPP is a collaboration model that combines the expertise and resources of both the public and private sectors through sharing risks and responsibilities. Examples within and beyond the Asia-Pacific region have demonstrated the potential of PPP in managing municipal solid waste if a sound technical, legal, financial and regulatory framework is put in place.

On April 28, 2022 (11:00 am Bangkok Time), UNDP Montreal Protocol, Chemicals and Waste Unit will host a virtual workshop that explores ways of realizing a zero-waste vision, as well as to demonstrate how effective public-private partnerships can contribute to it. By sharing good policies and practices, the workshop will also offer a space for discussion on transitioning towards a circular economy in the region. Specifically, the workshop will:

  • Unpack the concept of “zero waste” and introduce the waste management hierarchy
  • Present UNDP Zero Waste Offer
  • Introduce successful experience on addressing municipal solid waste challenges through waste management projects
  • Explore financing opportunities through public-private partnership, carbon trade and other sources of finance.

Agenda (Speakers' bios attached)


Mr. Etienne Gonin,

                          Sustainable Cooling, Chemicals and Waste Management Technical Specialist

                       Montreal Protocol, Chemicals & Waste Unit, NCE/GPN/BBPS - UNDP


  • Opening Remarks    

Mr. Jaco Cilliers

Manager, Bangkok Regional Hub

UNDP Regional Bureau for Asia and Pacific


  • Explaining the UNDP´s Zero Waste Offer    

           Ms. Xiaofang Zhou

           Director, Montreal Protocol, Chemicals & Waste Unit

           NCE/GPN/BBPS, UNDP


  • Doing the right thing: experiences in waste management in EU for achieving a “Zero Waste Vision”         

           Mr. Weine Wiqvist, Senior Advisor

           Avfall Sverige (Swedish Waste Management Association


  • Achieving Zero Waste vision in India

Ms. Saloni Goel, Head Circular Economy and Plastic Waste  Management

UNDP India


  • Lessons learnt in the implementation of PPPs for waste management projects         

           Mr. Troy Tian, Investment Manager

           China Everbright International Co., Ltd.


  • Integrated waste recycling and composting for methane reduction in Ghana          


    Ms. Alexandra Soezer, Climate Change Technical Advisor

    UNDP Energy Hub


    • Panel Discussion
    • Ms. Xiaofang Zhou
    • Mr. Weine Wiqvist
    • Mr. Troy Tian
    • Ms. Saloni Goel
    • Mr. Fei Xie, Chief Technical Advisor, China Public Private Partnerships Center, Ministry of   Finance of China
    • Mr. Anton Sri Probiyantono, Senior Programme Manager, UNDP Indonesia
    • Closing & Next Steps

               Ms. Xiaofang Zhou

               Director, Montreal Protocol, Chemicals & Waste Unit, NCE/GPN/BBPS, UNDP



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