The SCALE Initiative:

Removing Barriers to HIV Services

The lives and livelihoods of people living with HIV and other key populations are under threat.

The UNDP-led SCALE Initiative is committed to help strengthen and scale the work of these communities to say enough is enough - to counter the discriminatory laws, policies and HIV-related criminalization that deny us our fundamental rights and dignity and unlock progress on the global 10-10-10 HIV targets. 

This community hub provides space to share knowledge, resources and good practices on the pathway to law reform, including events and findings related to SCALE Initiative activities. Please follow for updates on upcoming calls for submissions, events, news stories, community forums and grant announcements.

Pathways to achieving the global 10-10-10 HIV targets: The Evidence Review 



World AIDS Day 2023


Let communities lead 

Scaling up the work of people living with HIV and key populations on the path to end AIDS


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Una conversación con Lucy Esquivel, La Red Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Trabajadoras Sexuales (RedTraSex)

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A conversation with Manisha Dhakal, Blue Diamond Society, Nepal

Law Reform in my Community: Blog #1


A conversation with Aniedi Akpan, Drug Harm Reduction Advocacy Network (DHRAN), Nigeria

Meet the Team

Learn more about the SCALE Initiative Programme Team and the Steering Committee.

Pathways to Change: 3 Lessons from Key Populations


By Kevin Osborne, Manager, SCALE Initiative, UNDP