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Since 2014, UNDP has built a cohesive practice on Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) in 40+ countries. Rooted in the Global Policy Network, this Community of Practice creates a platform for practitioners across the UN, Civil Society, Member States and the Private Sector to discuss and identify development solutions which builds on people’s agency and creates avenues for peace.

UNDP designs and implements risk-informed, conflict-sensitive, and analysis-based development solutions for prevention of violent extremism at the global, regional, and country levels. The focus of UNDP’s preventive approach is to look at the relationship between peaceful societies and inclusive development, rule of law and human rights, anti-corruption, good governance, civic engagement, and political participation, and to address the horizontal inequalities that fuel radicalization that can lead to violent extremism.

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Podcast Series: Exploring Extremism

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2022 Annual Report

Journey to Extremism in Africa

Invisible Women: Gendered Dimensions of Return, Reintegration and Rehabilitation

Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for PVE Toolkit

Conflicting Identities: The Nexus between Masculinities, Femininities and Violent Extremism in Asia

ExtremeLives: Identity, Diversity and Discrimination

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UNDP Story series

Brought to you by the PVE team:

“Settled Minds, Settled Lives: building resilience through #Inner Peacebuilding”

Episode 1: The collective mental health of communities
Episode 2: The bridge over troubled waters
Episode 3: From surviving to thriving

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