Welcome to the Strategic Innovation Clinic Series 2022!

From Tactical to Strategic Innovation

Development in the Age of Change

Learn about our key takeways for each session in March 2022


In a series of conversations and hands-on clinics with external experts and internal practitioners, we explored different elements of a portfolio approach – moving beyond sectoral challenges for opportunities for transformative change. The shift “from projects to portfolios” comes with many questions – and healthy skepticism!

BulbThe overall objective of the clinics was to put a spotlight on practice: experiences from the ground both inside and outside of the organization that do not provide all the answers but a glimpse of what is possible.

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Strategic Innovation Clinic Series 2022 | Systems Thinking in Crisis Contexts (9 June 2022)

Explore how applying systems thinking and a portfolio approach can help us deliver more effectively and sustainably across the peace, humanitarian and development nexus

KEYNOTE PANEL | Why “Strategic” Innovation? – The Challenge of Transformation (21 March 2022)

Reflect on why incremental innovation is not enough to address complex development challenges, with keynote speakers including Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator