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SparkBlue • 1 April 2021
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Welcome to the Networking Lounge!

This Discussion Room is a 'meet and greet' space for networking.

Please comment below to introduce yourself, share information about the organizations you represent and outline your core hopes for this special consultation on SDG7.

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Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hello and Welcome to the Meet and Greet Room! My name is Caroline Baxter Tresise, I'm the Facilitator for UNDP's Community of Practice on Energy. I was born in Australia but have lived in many places: Thailand, Jamaica, Republica Dominicana, the Netherlands, France and I'm currently based in Cyprus. It's a pleasure to host you and I look forward to learning more about you all in the comments. 

You can find me on LinkedIn here and on Twitter (new account!) here.

Anahita Hosseini

Hii Caroline, 

Nice to be connected here and thanks for all the emails :D


Happy to share my voice with many youth. I am Bigambia Bitimi Charles Lebon. 

Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Bigambia! Thanks for joining!


Thanks too for the opportunity given to us to share and contribute to the sustainable development of every part of the world

Dinh-Long Pham Moderator

Hi everyone, I'm Dinh-Long PHAM, I'll be supporting this youth consultation :) I support youth entrepreneurs and youth leaders to address the SDGs with UNDP Asia-Pacific, through Youth Co:Lab and the Movers Programme. More and more working with youth for climate actions leading to COP26 and beyond! Outside of work, I host a podcast called Life Line where I interview young changemakers from all around the world. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn ;) 

Anahita Hosseini

Hi DL! Nice to be connected on yet another platform haha:P

Filip Koprcina

Hello everyone,
I'm Filip and I come from Croatia, but I'm currently based in Cyprus.

I started a startup company called Energy Shift that enables citizens to jointly invest and co-own solar farms, thus democratising the energy sector and enabling citizens to actively participate in the energy transition to renewable energy.

I’m a member of the Technical Working Group on Finance and Investment in the United Nation's High Level Dialogue on Energy.

Last but not least, I was a member of a challenge team for Oil and Gas Climate initiative, advising them on how to transform their businesses to sustainable energy.

Feel free to reach out to me and connect on Linkedin :)


Looking forward to a fruitful discussion.

Caroline Tresise Moderator

Welcome Filip! Looking forward to working with you

Anahita Hosseini

Hello Filip,

Nice to see you here. Wow so you've got a lot of experience in the field of energy and climate action. I'm sure I'm gonna learn a lot from you on this platform.

Sumaiya Binte Ferdous

Hello everyone, 

I am Sumaiya, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am currently enrolled in my master's in Development Studies at Bangladesh University of Professionals. 

As a student of Development Studies, I have learned to explain a problem from multi-dimensional perspectives. My aspiration for working as a development practitioner has pushed me to explore different views and aspects of development. 

I am proudly representing the Movers Programme as a Movers Ambassador, which has enabled many opportunities for me to work closely for SDGs. I am also an YECAP Fellow.  

I’m a member of the Technical Working Group on Innovation, Technology and Data in the United Nation's High Level Dialogue on Energy.

Feel free to reach out to me and connect on LinkedIn

Looking forward to an insightful and enlightening discussion. 




Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Sumaiya! We are very happy to have you with us and I look forward to reading your contributions. 

Aneysha Bhat

Hi everyone!

My name is Aneysha and I am the Co-Founder and Culture Strategist of my company Perennial Culture, a social enterprise that develops, empowers, and evolves sustainable and thriving culture in for-profit and non-profit organizations (public and private sector). I have experience in Artificial Intelligence, product development, engineering, and entrepreneurship. I am interested in to revolutionizing the way we develop, implement, and interact with policy, use policy to build a sustainable culture, and serve the community on a global scale through effective administration.

I am currently a Masters student at Northwestern University studying Public Policy & Administration, a Global Shaper, and a UNITE2030 Youth Delegate, committed to serving and integrating work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals into my daily life and consulting practice. 

I'm interested in joining a Technical Working Group in the United Nations High Level Dialogue on Energy! If someone could point in the direction to do so, that would be wonderful :) 

Looking forward to discussing with you all! Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin

Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Aneysha, your work sounds really interesting! Welcome to the consultation. The discussion rooms will open on Monday, definitely stay tuned. This is where we can discuss the official Technical Working Group documents.

It is impossible to join the HLDE Technical Working Groups, but we are lucky to have the youth focal points of these groups as our moderators for this consultation. They will take all the comments into consideration when providing their recommendations. 

Sabina Blanco Vecchi

Hi everyone!

I'm Sabina, originally from Argentina but living in the US since a few years ago. I am a clean energy fellow and a recent Fulbright scholar graduate from a Master in Energy and Environmental Policy and currently working on energy access and transition at UNDP! I have energy-related experience in the different sectors: I have been working in an oil and gas company on their energy transitions strategy, in the Inter-American Development Bank on energy efficiency and innovation projects and I co-founded an energy consulting and research firm. I look forward to discussing with you all and contribute to the HLDE! 

Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Sabina! Very happy to welcome you to the group! 

Emmanuel Ibanga

Hi everyone!

I'm Emmanuel from Abuja Nigeria. I am a Renewable Energy Design Engineer, and I work with one of Nigeria's leading renewable energy developers. For the past two years, I have been immersed in various rural electrification projects across different regions and states in Nigeria, contributing my quota towards achieving the countrys' 30:30:30 vision of generating 30GW of electricity by 2030 with a 30% renewable energy contribution.

I am also an active member of REESAFRICA a youth led NGO driven to advance the adoption of renewable energy and environmental sustainability practices across Africa the Education, Sensitization, Awareness campaigns and impact-driven projects. 

I am super excited to be on this platform, to contribute my quota, lend my voice towards addressing the issues that concerns the success of SDG7 across the world. I look forward to participate effectively to topical discussions.

I am open to joining global multicultural organisations(like the UN) where I can learn more, meet people of diverse cultures and get to understand the complexity of achieving SDG7 from a global perspective. I am also open to connecting with like minds, do reach out to me on Linkedin.


Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hello Emmanuel! Great to have you here! Please encourage other members of REESAFRICA to join, it sounds like a really interesting NGO! Very happy to be in contact.

Victoria Adegbaju

Hello Everyone,

I am a Renewable Energy professional with experience cutting across: Energy and Sustainable development, Project Management, Research & Data Analysis, Development Studies, and also Banking and Finance.

My over 7 years’ experience working with MD/CEO’s, Executive Management, and Managers of International Organization in the Banking and Finance Industry, Non-Governmental Organization and also Humanitarian Organizations has endued me with the skills and experience which can be applied for operational growth, business development, and success improvement initiative in the Energy sector.

It is a pleasure joining great minds like you in my quest to building sustainable energy projects and leading socio-economic development initiatives in Africa. 

Anahita Hosseini

Hi Victoria,


nice to be connected here. I would love to learn more from your experience!

Iman Abdulkadir AHMED Moderator

Hey Everyone! 

I am Iman from Ethiopia but have been based in Istanbul for the past 6 years. I am a technical intern for the Community of Practice on SDG Integration and for the Nature, Climate, and Energy team here at UNDP. I am also the thematic focal point for Humanitarian Energy for the SDG-7 Youth Constituency. 

I am currently doing my Masters in Environmental Technology at Boğaziçi University with an interest in Urban waste management, Renewable energy, Climate Change Policy, and Environmental Justice.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and feel free to connect with me on Linkedin.  

Tove Nordberg Moderator

Hi everyone!

My name is Tove Nordberg and I am currently working for the UNDP Country Office in South Africa as a UN Volunteer and Climate and Environment Associate. I am originally from Sweden, but I have lived and worked in South Africa for the last 2.5 years and I have previously lived in the US and Australia for short periods.

My study background is in Energy, Environmental and Management Engineering, with a focus on e.g. sustainable energy systems, industrial energy efficiency, environmental management systems, sustainability and environmental impact assessments, including life cycle assessment. 

My role at UNDP in South Africa is to support the overall management of the Nature, Climate and Energy portfolio and to assist with the development of new projects and initiatives. I am currently working on 3 youth-related initiatives where one project aimed at equipping youth, and especially young girls, in areas of STEM, including robotics and coding, and empowering the youth to use these skills to solve climate-related issues. The other initiatives relate to mobilising youth voices in South Africa in the run-up to COP26 this year, where one project will be to conduct a nationwide Youth Barometer survey, and the other initiative will take form as a local youth consultation/dialogue in South Africa on climate, energy and just transition issues. 

My passion lies in climate action, and especially mitigation efforts centred around renewable energy solutions, as well as increasing energy access, so SDG 7 and 13 lies close to my heart. But I am also very interested in SDG integration and cross-cutting aspects such as gender equality and women empowerment, youth empowerment and inclusion, and Leaving No One Behind (LNOB) aspects!

I'm looking forward to engaging with the young energy leaders from around the world in this forum, and to learn from your expertise and insights as I will be assisting Caroline Tresise and the youth representatives for each working group here on SparkBlue!

If you want to connect outside this forum I am Linkedin and Twitter.


Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Tove! Thanks so much for your perspectives, SDG integration is really important especially as SDG7 is at the core of sustainable development. We would love to hear your ideas on this over in Group 3!

Vladislav Kaim

Hi everyone!

I am Vlad, 25-year old Moldovan, member of the UN Secretary General's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change and of the Technical Working Group 2 (Energy Transitions) at the HLDE. I am very eager to make sure that your perspectives on energy transition that favors youth are represented as much as possible!

Looking forward to engaging with you throughout the consultation, as well as outside of the platform - I am available on LinkedIn as well.



Josh Edem Kojo Dotse

Greetings Changemakers!

I am Josh from Accra-Ghana and currently the Focal Point for Ghana at ClimateScience, a UK-based educational charity with a focus on climate solutions.

My academic background is in Renewable Energy Engineering with focus in Sustainable Energy Systems, Energy Management and Green Buildings.

In my capacity as a Clean Energy Advocate and a Sustainability Ambassador, reaching out to many residential homes within my locality to advocate for efficient living habits, creating awareness on climate change and renewable energy as well protecting the environment and developing a climate resilient world by leveraging sustainable policies, practices, resources and technologies, have been my driving force.

It is an honour to be a part of this network comprising brilliant young people with a long-lasting desire to actualize the SDG 7 agenda. 

I look forward to fruitful discussions and it is my earnest desire that, our seats as young people at the top decision making tables, will be SUSTAINABLE!.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

#BeBold #Leave No One Behind.    


Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Josh! Thanks for joining, your profile looks very interesting. Please encourage other young Ambassadors from your networks to join in the discussion too. I'm looking forward to reading your comments.

Jaff Epse Bime Marilyn Bongmo

Hi everyone, I'm Jaff Marilyn, a Rural Engineer working with the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy in Cameroon. I'm a member of the UN HLDE 2021 representing SDG7 Youth Constituency under Technical Working Group 2. I'm very happy to be amongst you all and look forward to fruitful discussions here. 

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaff-marilyn-bongmo-15495517b


Thanks Jaff and Josh. Welcome to both of you

Fatou Diarrassouba

Hi Caroline and nice to e-meet you.

I am Fatou from Côte d'Ivoire, Co-Founder of a clean energy startup based in Liberia. Like you I travelled, lived and/or worked in different places: France, Ghana, Sénégal, Mexico,  USA, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic. I currently live in New York.

I look forward to a fruitful discussion during this special consultation on SDG7, and hoping for its outcomes to shape the final  decisions at the upcoming UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy.

Feel free to connect on my Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/fatoudiarrassouba

Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Fatou, Great that we already have some things in common! Welcome to the group, it's a pleasure to have you with us. I look forward to learning more about your startup and definitely suggest you share this in the Innovation, Data and Tech group once it opens.. Please encourage other young energy champions in your network to join too.
Many thanks

Saand Youssouf Ahmed Abdallah

Hi everyone, 

I am Ahmed Abdallah Saand Youssouf, from Comoros.

I am an engineer in energy and environment.

Currently, I work at UNDP Comoros as a project manager in sustainable agriculture.

Introducing new agricultural practices and organic farming to smallholder farmers in the island of Moheli. Prior to coming back in my home country, I lived in France, South Korea and the US.

J'ai été pendant un bon moment négociateur en changement climatique avec l'Alliance des petits états insulaires (AOSIS).

Meme en travaillant actuellement dans le domaine de l'agriculture durable, j'ai un background d'ingénieur en énergies renouvelables et spécialisé dans la production. Je suis enchanté de faire votre connaissance à tous et j'ai hate t'entamer ces discussions avec les jeunes de partout dans le monde sur le domaine des energies. 

Venant moi-même d'un petit état insulaire en développement je m'efforce toujours à inviter les jeunes insulaires à se joindre à moi et au reste du groupe pour porter nos voix où il se doit et nous faire entendre en dehors de nos îles. 

N'hésitez surtout pas à me contacter directement si besoin ^^


Vince Davidson Pacañot

Hi, everyone! 

I am Vince Davidson J. Pacañot from the Philippines and currently taking my master's degree on energy engineering. I am aiming to specialize on sustainable energy and climate change mitigation. 

I am a part of an organization called 2030 Youth Force Philippines which aims to encourage the FIlipino youth to participate in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. As a member-advocate, I am deeply involved in the Education and Research Committee (the organization's think tank) and I also am a member of the technical working group for SDG 13 (SDG 13 TWG). 

As a budding climate change mitigation and sustainable energy expert, I am one of thousands to millions of youth around the world that dreams of a society free from fossil fuels (coal in particular) which damages not only the environment but poses great risk to human health. As I always say, one cannot talk about energy without talking about the environment first. With affordable, clean, and sustainable energy comes a safer and greener environment for the people of present and future generations. 

I engage myself in this youth consultation to be able to extend my advocacy together with our colleagues in this cause. Solidarity leads to success and as youth, our common goal and common action will lead to a sustainable future for everyone. 

The time is now for the youth to voice their concerns and for the leaders to listen to them. Youth-involved decision making is an important ingredient to come up with a sound and logical solution in facing and solving the problems of today and tomorrow. 

Connect with me via LinkedIn.

Tove Nordberg Moderator

Hi Vince, what an amazing profile you have! I'm Tove - working for UNDP in South Africa.

With your expertise, it would be great to hear your reflections on the linkages between SDG 7, SDG 13 and other SDGs in group Discussion Room 3: Enabling SDGs through inclusive, just energy transitions!. Of course also in Discussion Room 2: Energy Transition with your passion for climate change mitigation and the transition to a fossil-free world. 



Hi everyone,

I am LIONEL from Cameroon, currently based in Beijing for some years now. Great to meet you all on this platform. I am a Research Fellow on Energy Policy and Economics at NCEPU Beijing. I equally serve as an Energy Policy Analyst at the China-Africa Institute (CAI), with a keen interest in identifying the challenges for financing clean power generation projects in Sub-Saharan African countries.

As a member of the Beijing Energy Network (BEN), am passionate about topics linked to; electricity access (SDG 7), advancing energy transition and carbon neutrality.

I look forward to a fruitful engagement with youths, energy professionals and experts, at the upcoming HLDE 2021 and at the sidelines of the thematic working groups.

My referrals: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lionel-mbanda-0b903271/


Adebayo Ganiyu

Hi everyone,

I am Ganiyu from Nigeria. I am a recent Chemical Engineering Graduate(B. Sc) with interests in energy (renewables) and environment. I have worked on projects like Biogas generation from animal wastes and also production of Pyrolysis Oil from used tyres.

Looking forward to contributing my knowledge and learning from others during discussion.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn

Marcela Rezende

Hey everyone!

My name is Marcela Rezende and I'm an environmental engineer from Brazil. I currently work at the Brazilian Biogas Association with market analysis and interfaces with the netural gas and electricity sector in Brazil.

I'm looking foward to contribute to the discussion and learn from my peers!

Wenhao Sun

Hi everyone,


My name is Wenhao and I'm from China. I'm a member of the Technical Working Group 5 (TWG5) Finance and Investment and will be your co-host for today. I'm currently a master's student at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) focusing on International Energy Policy and Financial Management.  


Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you send a note stating why you want to connect. 


Look forward to meeting and learning from you all.




Neel Tamhane

Hi Folks,
I'm Neel, I am the Solar Strategy Lead at SPACE10 (IKEA's innovation lab) where I'm leading research explorations and identifying opportunities for how solar energy can become a key enabler for communities with limited means to improve their everyday life at home. I previously also lead a research to better understand people's needs, dreams and aspirations with regards to energy in 4 continents. 

I've previously worked on building 300+ minigrids in India in association with the Rockefeller Foundation (Smart Power India) and subsequently also led the product development for the world's first peer-to-peer energy trading platform in Bangladesh. (SOLshare).

Would be glad to connect with like minded people on LinkedIn and Twitter to explore synergies. 

Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Neel, definitely check out Room 4 on Tech, Innovation and Data, it would be really interesting to learn in more details about how IKEA identifies these opportunities and to elaborate on this process. 

Room 5 on Finance would also be a great one for you to participate in and give some insight on the private sector perspective. Everyone is turning to private sector companies to invest in renewables. What's IKEA's vision for this? Filip Koprcina Anunya Bahanda @wenhaosun

Filip Koprcina

Caroline Tresise Ikea has pledged to invest billions of dollars to go carbon neutral with their suppliers included. I think more companies could follow their example.

Kate Power

Hi everyone!

My name is Kate; I am Canadian but I currently live and work in France. I am a Young Associate at the OECD conducting research on enhancing the measurement, tracking, and mobilisation of public climate finance, with a focus on subnational climate finance.

I am passionate about energy and particularly about working with other youth to realize a just energy transition. Currently, I am a member of YES-Europe and the European Youth Energy Network (EYEN), working to engage all youth in the area of sustainable energy. I am also a member of Chatham House's Common Futures Conversations, where I collaborate with other youth to develop policy solutions to pressing global challenges and share them with policy and decision-makers. I am also a volunteer social media coordinator for Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE), a global organisation focused on promoting and recognizing the role of women in the renewable energy sector.

I am looking forward to connecting with many of you, learning from your knowledge and experience, and working together to realise the energy transition.

Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Kate, thanks for joining! YES-Europe and the European Youth Energy Network (EYEN) sound really interesting, please encourage your colleagues and peers to join this consultation too for the sake of delivering really good recommendations to influence our leaders.

Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) is also a great organization! Please encourage the members to join, Groups 1 and 3 are specifically tackling the role of women in the energy sector and gender more broadly within energy access. See you in the Rooms!

Mahnoor Qadir

Hi Everyone ! It is great to join this High Level Dialogue on Energy and talk about important issues.

I am Mahnoor Qadir.  I am originally from Pakistan but live in Kenya. I recently finished my postgraduate degree in Environmental Assessment and Management from the University of East Anglia, Norwich UK.I have also done an undergraduate degree in Environmental Geography and Climate Change.

I have just started a podcast called the ENV CAST to raise awareness on these issues.https://anchor.fm/mahnoor-qadir/episodes/Get-to-know-me-and-the-ENV-CAS…

My linkedin is https://uk.linkedin.com/in/mahnoor-qadir-852415150

Karishma Asarpota

Hi everyone, 

It's great to be a part of this discussion!

I am a Junior Officer in the Climate and Energy Action team at ICLEI World Secretariat. ICLEI works with over 2500 local and regional governments across the world who are committed to sustainable urban development helping shape their sustainable policies. 

I am also the co-facilitator of YOUNGO Cities Working Group. YOUNGO is the official youth constituency of the UNFCCC. We are a group of young people passionate about addressing climate policy in cities. 

Looking to explore ideas with groups / people / organizations interested in working with local governments across the globe on clean energy and climate policy.

I can be reached via email or on LinkeDin.

Looking forward to the discussion in the TWG's!

Helen Watts

Hello everyone!

I am Helen Watts, 26-year old Canadian/Scot currently living in Toronto and I am the Senior Director of Global Partnerships at Student Energy. I am a member of Technical Working Group 4 (Data, Innovation, and Technology) at the HLDE and so excited to see your input to this working area so we can make sure this report represents a global youth perspective and the roadmap to SDG7 presented in September is truly youth-inclusive. 

It was great to see so many of you at the launch event today, and I look forward to meeting and learning from you throughout the consultation and beyond. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin and Twitter

Anahita Hosseini

Hello everyone,

My name is Anahita. I am a 23 year old from Iran. I am now working with the UN as a consultant and before that I was an intern in UNDP. (I do not represent either one in any capacity).

I have also been volunteering with the Movers Programme since February, where along with other youth in APAC, we work towards awareness raising regarding the SDGs and youth empowerment.

My undergrad studies was in Economics. I am now doing my master's in Economics, but I am also considering a pivot. I have worked as a Research Assistant for about two years and I am very interested in learning more about energy efficiency and energy policy.

I am very happy to be here and I would love to be connected with you all. Feel free to connect on Linkedin:


Rita-Chiara Mele

Greetings everybody! I am Rita, IVNU Energy expert from UNDP Comoros.

Passionate about bridging energy access solutions and other SDGs, namely female empowerment, I hold a master’s degree in Energy economics from IFP School (France), and in Sustainable Development, Geopolitics of Resources and Arctic Studies from SIOI (Italy). Before joining UNDP Comoros, I worked as Project Associate within the implementation of rural electrification projects in Tanzania, at the Directorate of Financial Affairs of the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, and at Regulatory Affairs in the energy private sector in France. Fluent in Italian, French, English, and Spanish, I am currently learning Arabic and have basic knowledge of Swahili. 

I join my colleague @Saand in a SPECIAL CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS FROM SIDS, let us cast a light on SIDS perspective! 

Looking forward to collaborating with all of you, reading your insights, observations, and questions on topics’ specific rooms – either in English or French.

Let's connect through LinkedIn here





Hello Everyone,

I am a Renewable Energy professional with experience cutting across: Energy and Sustainable development, Software Development, Graphic  Designer, UI AND UX Designer.

Am The Dean OF Africa In the International Youth Society. And I am From Nairobi, Kenya.

It is a pleasure joining great minds like you.

My Linkedin:



Hello to everyone,

@Caroline, i coudn't get acces to the discussion webinar room  today.



Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Bigambia, that's a shame, we will upload the recording shortly so you can still watch it

Han Chen

Hi everyone! This is Han Chen from China. Glad to meet you all here!

I have an interdisciplinary background - I studied tourism management for 6 years then interned at UNESCO Beijing Office and also traineed at UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme for nearly 2 years. Currently, I am working as Program Associate at Energy Foundation China, focusing on cooling efficiency related projects.

In this consultation, I will be co-leading the discussion in one of the working groups - innovation, data and technology. Please come and join the discussion! No points too small. Look forward to hearing from you!

Cheers! :)))

Here's my Linkedin profile, happy to connect: www.linkedin.com/in/hanchenpage

Alexander Kormishin

Hello all,

I am Alexander Kormishin, a 25-year old coming from the Russian Federation, currently in Moscow, and I am leading the BRICS Youth Energy Agency as a Chairperson. We are actively involved in preparations for the HLDE 2021 and working with our multi-stakeholder community to make sure that the BRICS voices are heard and considered.

BRICS YEA has also collaborated with SEforAll to launch the BRICS Youth Energy Compact which will be presented in September 2021, and before that discussed at the Thematic Ministerial Forums.

It was so great to meet you all of you today and get more insights form the youth members of the Technical Working Groups. I look forward to our further discussions. Feel free to connect with me via emailLinkedin or Facebook.

Joelyne T. Kerneah

Hi everyone,  I am Joelyne T Kerneah From Liberia.  I am the connection founded and co executive director of Child Care Initiative. CCI is a non-profit organization created to promote the SDGs with children involvement. 

Happy to be here and connect with you all.

Andrea Bohorquez

Hi everyone,

I'm Andrea, I'm from Colombia, and I have been working with renewable energy and sustainable practices for around two years. I have entrepreneurship in renewable energy, and its name is GeoBig. We work for creating a country more sustainable and respectful of nature. Our target is to bring energy for people in off-grid locations and provide information to the community about renewable energy and how they can use them in households.

We are trying to find organizations that want to change lives with us, giving us donations. We are open to new ideas or new coworkers who want maybe work with us in this process. In GeoBig are a young group of people that believe in a world more connected and clean.

Feel free to connect with us via web, LinkedIn or Whatsapp. Our email: info@geobig.co



Tove Nordberg Moderator

Hi Andrea, really interesting to read about your work with GeoBig, it sounds like you are working on really impactful stuff! My name is Tove and I work for UNDP in South Africa.

I think your reflections would be really interesting in Discussion Room 3: Enabling SDGs through inclusive, just energy transitions! Perhaps you have something to add to the question 'Drawing on your own experiences and linking with other SDGs, how can we make sure that the energy transition to renewables is Just and Inclusive?'


Vladislav Kaim

As my mic failed me precisely at the moment when I needed it the most to work, please find my video in Russian re-uploaded!

Приветствие и краткое введение на русском языке доступно здесь. Прошу прощения за проблемы с микрофоном на вебинаре - закон подлости.

Marina FENKA

Hello everyone

I'm Marina from Cameroon. I am currently supporting S2 Services, a private structure in Cameroon operating in the environment, energy, gender, and sustainable development sectors to achieving SDG 7. I'm glad to be a part of this initiative and looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with you all

Caroline Tresise Moderator

Hi Marina, we would love to hear your perspectives on gender in the energy sector over in Group 1, there is a question dedicated to gender. Your ideas on bringing in other SDGs and linking with other sectors would be great in Room 3 too! 

Víctor Vidal

Hello everyone!

¡Hola a todas y a todos! Soy Víctor, coordinador de proyectos y punto focal de energía de la Oficina del PNUD en Paraguay. Estaré apoyando este diálogo como moderador complementario.

Estimadas y estimados hispanohablantes, siéntanse libres de compartir sus opiniones y aportes en español, en relación con cualesquiera de los ejes propuestos: Acceso a la energía; transición energética; energía y ODS; innovación, tecnología y datos; financiamiento e inversión; y en general toda perspectiva que contribuya a alimentar este fecundo diálogo.

Un llamado especial a la juventud latinoamericana para que se sumen a comentar sobre las experiencias regionales en materia de energía, ¡un tema de importancia clave para el desarrollo sostenible de nuestros países!

De mi parte, un gusto y un honor formar parte de este maravilloso foro.

Pratham Maheshwari

Hello Everyone! My name is Pratham Maheshwari and I'm from India. I'm in my freshman year as a student. I really look forward to the discussion as a means of producing fruitful and implementable opportunities.

Simardeep Syal

Hello Everyone 


I am Simardeep Syal from India 🇮🇳. BRICS member, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India.

Also I am Director of www.skidtech.co.in

Skidtech Engineering is working on renewable energy sources in OIL & GAS industry in india. Also we are working on international projects at South Africa Tanzania, Maldives etc. 

 we are working closely on Natural gas LNG & CNG & LPG projects which is cleaner fuel then petrol & Diesel. 

Glad to be part of UNDP High level discussion & SDG7. looking forward for some great ideas & Networking. 

Can connect we on Simarsyal@gmail.com & . https://www.facebook.com/SimardeepSyal

LinkedIn- Simardeep syal 

Caroline Tresise Moderator

Wow - there is a lot of energy knowledge in this room! Let's take it to the Discussion Rooms! See you there!

Jesus Eduardo Sanchez Daza

Hello everyone,

I´m Jesus Eduardo Sanchez from Colombia, I´m an energy engineering 

I have knowledge in renewable energy, efficient energy, and all kinds of energy resources.

Also, I have expertise in AI and Machine Learning focused on the energy sector.

Happy to be part of UNDP High-level discussion & SDG7. I stay tuned to any comments.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jesus-eduardo-sanchez-daza-9839531b0/

Tove Nordberg Moderator

Hello Jesus,

I'm Tove, working for UNDP in South Africa. I also have a background as an energy engineer, so it is really nice to connect with you!

What an interesting profile you have - energy engineering in combination with AI and Machine Learning would really bring a valuable perspective in Discussion Room 4: Innovation, Technology and Data and Discussion Room 5: Finance and Investment

I just read this really interesting article on How Artificial Intelligence Can Power Climate Change Strategy: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2021/01/04/how-artificial-inte…

What is your view on how AI best could be used to e.g. increase renewable energy and climate investment, improve energy efficiency and optimise clean energy development? Also, what do you think is needed to boost such innovation and tech in developing contexts, e.g. based on experiences from your country and region?

Looking forward to hopefully seeing your reflections, Cheers!




Hello everyone, I am Awa from Senegal ( West Africa) . Happy to join this group. I work for the Ministry of Petroleum and Energies as a project manager and environmentalist.  

Tove Nordberg Moderator

Hi Awa, nice to have so many fellow environmentalists here!

My name is Tove and I am joining from UNDP in South Africa, where I work as a Climate and Environment Associate. 

With your experience as a young professional in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energies in Senegal, I believe your reflections in Discussion Room 2: Energy Transition would be really interesting. What are the challenges and enabling conditions you have experienced as a Project Manager with regards to the transition to clean, affordable and reliable energy? Also what opportunities do you see for young people in terms of job opportunities in the clean energy sector in Senegal and in the West Africa region?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Musa Abdul

Hello everyone,  I am Musa from Nigeria (West Africa), I work with the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.

I have been working for the past five years in the Nigerian Humanitarian field, I love forward to the discussions especially on its impact on the millions of displaced persons across the globe.

We can connect via linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdul-musa-76ab416b/

Tove Nordberg Moderator

Hi Musa, nice to have you joining this consultation! I am Tove, joining from UNDP in South Africa. 

With your background in the humanitarian field and in disaster risk reduction, it would be really interesting to read your reflections on the questions in Group 3 - Enabling SDGs through inclusive, just energy transitions!

How do you see the role of energy in the humanitarian and disaster risk reduction field? 

Coming from Nigeria, one of the high emitters on the African continent, your reflection in Discussion Room 2: Energy Transition would also be very welcomed!

Looking forward to continuing to engage with you!

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