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We opened this space in response to the many requests from you for a dedicated space to share relevant updates and events from your networks.

This room is moderated by UNDP's Community of Practice Facilitator for Energy and UNDP's Communications Focal Point for Energy. See you in the comments!


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Caroline Tresise
Caroline Tresise Moderator

? Tomorrow (22 April): Scaling Up Clean Energy Investment in Crisis Settings

9 out of 10 people without access to energy live in conflict-affected countries. As part of UNDP's Development Dialogues series, UNDP's Head of Energy, Marcel Alers, Yemen's Prime Minister Advisor for Humanitarian Affairs Afrah Al-Zouba, g7+ General Secretary Helder da Costa and many more will discuss how to boost clean energy investments in crisis settings to leave no-one behind.


This event follows the #Energy4Stability call to action to power energy investments in fragile states, launched on 24 February 2021.

Register here.  

Find out more here#CopEnergy

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Caroline Tresise
Caroline Tresise Moderator


IEA report details the second greatest rise in global energy-related CO2 emissions ever. Other key findings include: 1) Emerging markets are driving energy demand back above 2019 levels; 2) Coal demand is set to approach its 2014 peak; 3) Electricity is heading for its fastest growth in more than 10 years and; 4) Renewables are set to provide more than half of the increase in global electricity supply in 2021. Read it here.

Caroline Tresise
Caroline Tresise Moderator


World Meteorological Organization finds there was a "relentless" intensification of the climate crisis in 2020. The report, the 'State of the Global Climate 2020', found that cuts in transport and food-supplies worsened the effects of extreme weather conditions on communities, while the global lock-downs had no discernible impact on atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. Read the report.

Caroline Tresise
Caroline Tresise Moderator

UNDP has just launched the (first-ever!) Climate Investment Platform call for proposals to help support clean energy projects in Small Island Developing States. The application form is live here; and read our press release here


The Climate Investment Platform (CIP) call for proposals aims to unlock investments in projects that advance climate action and energy security in Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

It aims to support primarily public sector entities and public-private partnerships in Small Island Development States to mature and prepare ideas, and put them on a viable path to unlock and access public and private climate finance.

The CIP looks to facilitate this initial stage and bring a project idea to a quality project concept, and will actively seek engagement with financial partners. Selected projects will receive technical assistance for amounts between $30,000 - $80,000 for project development and design, depending on the size and nature of the of the project idea, to eligible applicants. The technical assistance will support elements such as pre-feasibility studies, assessment of business models and financial structure, and identification of potential project partners, investors, and financiers.

Who can apply?
Public sector entities in SIDS
Public-private partnerships including with NGOs, foundations and associations
We will consider strong applications from private sector organisations

Deadline for project submissions: 27 May


Caroline Tresise
Caroline Tresise Moderator

Running now until mid June: UNDP's Zero Step Warm Data project ?

Participate in a space of care, curiosity, and humility to learn together and build new relationships, through the 'Warm Data' inspired process called People Need People Online - developed by Nora Bateson and stewarded by the International Bateson Institute.

These conversations are part of the Zero Step Warm Data Project, which is complementary to the United Nations High-Level Dialogue on Energy in May and June in 2021 and form part of UNDP's Co-Chair contribution to the Global Call to Action.

To join, select a conversation "Pod" on the Sparkblue page and register. It is never too late to join, so regardless of when you register you will be welcome to join from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or later sessions. Please join for as many sessions as you can.

This is the beginning of an ongoing mutual exploration into finding new possibilities for the multiple overlapping crises we are all working on together and embracing a new way of thinking about questions like what is essential, what is leadership, where is the edge of responsibility, who am I now, what is work, life, family, health, education, growth, power, transformation and more.

Please contact Scott Williams for more information: scott.williams@undp.org


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