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As part of the United Nations Development Programme’s regional project on ‘Preventing Violent Extremism through respect for tolerance and diversity’ co-funded by the European Union, Hashtag Generation has produced a digital toolkit to guide civil society on effectively producing counterspeech. The toolkit provides a comprehensive guide on creating counterspeech and publishing, for example; discussing how best to plan content, tips on crafting content and choosing the most suitable publishing platform to get effective results. The toolkit also gives a list of further resources that can be accessed online which will be valuable for those trying to fight online hate speech.

Hashtag Generation is a Sri Lankan movement led and run by a group of young tech-savvy, socially conscious Sri Lankans advocating for the meaningful civic and political participation of youth, especially young women and young people from minority groups, have been engaged in tracking trends in online positive speech in Sri Lanka over the past few years. 

Read the related blog here.

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