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The Horizon Scanning (HS) model developed by UNDP RBAP is being applied to country offices’ five-year planning document, the Country Programme Document (CPD).  

The HS initiative’s success is reflected in how country offices can use these insights to enrich their theories of change, risk management approaches, and new programmes.

The HS model was designed with country offices with a key focus on building capacity as they worked on their scans. 

? COs involved include: Iran, Pacific/Fiji, Papua New Guinea. Read more about our ongoing foresight projects here

Value for COs

Identifies points of leverage for future opportunities and to mitigate strategic risks that informs core elements of the CPD including:

  • UNDP within the Cooperation Framework

  • Programme priorities and partnerships

  • Programme and risk management 

  • Monitoring and evaluation

Insights from HS can also feed into Portfolio Sensemaking.

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Contact Aarathi Krishnan at aarathi.krishnan@undp.org.

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