Transforming Systems in the Decade of Action: Dialogue 5

Idil Uner






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If you missed the last dialogue, check it out here. This initiative builds from the Awareness-based Collective Action dialogue series in July-August 2020, led by Otto Scharmer and based on Theory U. Visit the Summer Dialogue series SparkBlue page to read about the origins of this journey.  


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Co-Evolving: Organizing Around the Future As It Emerges

Welcome to the Transformation Systems dialogue series!

This dialogue is the fifth of a series of five co-inquiry sessions into human development in the Anthropocene, building from the Human Development Report 2020. It continues the journey through Presencing Institute’s (PI) Theory U as a method for awareness based systems change.

During this fifth dialogue, we will take our journey from intention setting to co-sensing and action. Tune in and help co-design the next phase of collaboration to Transform Systems in the Decade of Action.


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