Transforming Systems in the Decade of Action: Dialogue 1


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Join the conversation and use the comments space below to answer: 

  • What did the dialogue open up for you?
  • Can you think of entry points in your work to apply the concepts introduced in the dialogue? 

Transforming Systems in the Decade of Action 

This dialogue kicks off a series of six co-inquiry sessions into human development in the Anthropocene, building from the Human Development Report 2020. It will introduce elements of Theory U - listening, observing, sensing, presencing, crystalizing, prototyping and co-evolving – to be explored through case studies and hands-on learning. Otto Scharmer and invited thought leaders will guide each dialogue on Transformation, including on the topics of Choice, New Frontiers, Relationship, Leadership and Possibility. Discussions will take place on this platform (Sparkblue) between dialogues (see the active discussion below).

What will you gain from participating in this dialogue? 

  • capabilities to lead systems inquiry 

  • exposure to awareness-based learning practices and access to case studies 

  • belonging to an advanced practitioner network across the UN system 

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