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This is the opening session of UNDP RBAP Strategic Foresight Week 2022. Register now for RBAP Strategic Foresight Week 2022 from 19 - 21 January!


About session 1

This session proceeds in two parts:

Launch event: UNDP RBAP of the Future (1 hour)
This kick-off event for Strategic Foresight Week 2022 will introduce the need and purpose behind integrating strategic foresight and risk management in UNDP’s planning. Speakers include Kanni Wignaraja, Assistant Secretary-General and Director of the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific

Panel: Foresight within Governments and Institutions (1 hour)
This multi stakeholder panel discussion considers how integrating strategic foresight within governments and institutions can influence and affect decision making processes. We look at the Fiji country office’s experience on influencing and translating foresight for organizations and government. 

Connection details

? Date & Time: 19 Jan 8 AM - 10 AM Bangkok | 18 Jan 8 PM-10 PM New York

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Session materials

Please find the session recording, presentations and session highlights below ⬇️

About Foresight Week

Over the course of 3 days and 5 action-packed virtual sessions, we will explore a Strategic Foresight package put together by SPP, that COs can employ in 2022 for anticipatory planning. We have timed our event in January so that COs can use insights for programme planning and begin embedding foresight processes.  

? Our 3D approach is designed for all UNDP RBAP staff, regardless of previous experience with foresight management, and is also open to regions outside RBAP. 

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Nudhara Yusuf
Nudhara Yusuf

Dear Colleagues,
Please find the slide deck for this session attached. Some highlights and headlines from this session include:

Opening Panel:
?Assistant Secretary General, Kanni Wignaraja, challenged UNDP to 'look up' and know that foresight is not an option anymore.
?We heard that people's expectation of systems and responses are changing dramatically, with the example of healthcare systems during the pandemic. People expect more preparedness, greater understanding of their needs, and rapid responses. This requires forward planning.
?We saw how the Our Common Agenda report by Secretary General Guterres calls for increased foresight driven capabilities across the United Nations, and Country Offices have the opportunity to be pioneers of these practices.

Foresight within Governments and Institutions:
? We learnt about the 'Scout', 'Challenge' and 'Grow' framework to approach, communicate and implement foresight.
?Practitioners stressed the importance of 'hunting black swans' and 'taming black elephants'; tracking and hunting the small unknowns, and dealing with the elephant in the room.
? Colleagues from Country Offices shared their experiences bringing their teams and governments on board with foresight in the middle of a global pandemic!

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