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What is Informal Economy Facility (IEF)?

The IEF is aligned with the Signature Solution on Poverty and Inequality and the strategic directions outlined in UNDP’s new Strategic Plan 2022-2025 (specifically, structural transformation, leaving no one behind, and resilience-building), the IEF aims to function as a comprehensive resource center. It offers tools, knowledge products, capacity development, knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, technical expertise, and other resources. The goal is to assist UNDP Country Offices and their partners in designing, implementing, and scaling context-specific, evidence-based solutions for the informal economy.

Linkages between the IEF and the Poverty & Inequality CoP?

The IEF provides cross-cutting perspective to focus areas of the P&I CoP. It endeavours to act as a 'one-stop shop,' emphasizing the provision of innovative and gender-responsive solutions. It advocates for the use of systems approaches to comprehensively address challenges associated with informality. Key areas of focus include the analysis (including gender analysis) of drivers and ecosystems in the informal economy, the promotion of innovative solutions (such as digital solutions) to expand social protection, and the enhancement of productivity and resilience for informal workers and businesses.

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