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While formal social dialogue mechanisms allow for the representation of organized formal workers and formal enterprises in policy-making processes, these do not extend representation to informal actors. In a context where almost 2 billion workers are employed in the informal economy and the informal economy as whole is estimated to contribute to 35 percent of global GDP, a green transition that seeks to facilitate low carbon growth and appropriately value natural resources, whilst upholding the values of social justice, must consider how best to engage informal actors within its policy and decision-making processes. Drawing out lessons from other policy areas where attempts at inclusion have been made, this third webinar in the Informal Economy Webinar Series ‘Green Transitions and the Informal Economy: Exploring Pathways to Sustainability’ aims to explore the different pathways through which voice and participation of informal economy actors could be facilitated in processes seeking to promote a just and inclusive green transition.


 Learning Objectives

  • To understand the challenges and opportunities faced by informal actors in exercising voice and participating in policy processes related to the green transition.
  • To explore the different ways in which the facilitation of voice and participation is being facilitated, through both traditional and non-traditional means.
  • To draw out the lessons for efforts to incorporate participation in policy and decision making processes.




Welcome and overview - Nathalie Milbach Bouche, Knowledge, Data & Analytics Lead, UNDP BBPS Inclusive Growth team

Overview of the topic – why Just Transitions and Voice? - Laura Alfers, Director, Social Protection Programme WIEGO and IEF Senior Advisor

Enabling policy dialogues with informal actors: Lessons, opportunities and challenges for the green transition from the UNDP’s work in Africa - Usman Ali Iftikhar, Policy Advisor, Inclusive Growth, UNDP Africa Regional Hub

The building blocks of the Just Transition: A focus on inclusion of marginalized groups in national stakeholder engagement - Sangji Lee, Global Technical Specialist on NDCs, Green Economy, and Just Transition, UNDP Climate Promise

What is needed to ensure meaningful participation of informal economy workers in policy formation: Lessons for the Just Transition - Jane Barrett, Director, Organization & Representation Programme, WIEGO


  • Piyush Verma, Senior Governance Expert Energy, UNDP
  • Julia Kercher, Senior Expert, SDG16 Research & Policy Engagement, UNDP Oslo Governance Center

Facilitated discussion – what have we learned about participation of the informal economy and the Just Transition? Where are the gaps? How do we fill them? - Moderator: Laura Alfers, Director, Social Protection Programme WIEGO and IEF Advisor

Wrap-up - Nathalie Milbach Bouche, Knowledge, Data& Analytics Lead, UNDP BBPS Inclusive Growth team


📕Find the study from presentation of Laura Alfers: https://climatestrategies.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Incorporating-just-transition-strategies-into-developing-countries-NDCs-and-Covid-19-responses.pdf

📙UNDP / DESA tool and user guide to analyse quality of stakeholder engagement: https://www.undp.org/policy-centre/oslo/publications/what-good-practice

📗Read First Oslo Governance Center piece on Fair Green Transition: https://www.undp.org/policy-centre/oslo/publications/managing-complexit…

BinderAccess the event presentation: Informal Economy Voices.pptx

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