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6. Community Lounge

SparkBlue • 1 March 2024

Welcome to the Community Lounge!

We will be using this discussion board to introduce ourselves, share our hopes for the future, and make connections!

So please feel free to join in, greet, meet other members, and start the engagement. 

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Giulia Jacovella
Giulia Jacovella Moderator

☀️ Hello everyone, and a warm welcome to you all! I hope you're having a fantastic Monday! My name is Giulia Jacovella, and I'm delighted to be here with you today. As a Youth Empowerment and Climate Analyst at UNDP Governance/Youth team in New York, I'm truly excited to join this group and engage in this consultation in the lead up to ECOSOC Youth Forum 2024. I'm happy to announce that I'll be moderating Discussion Room 1 next week, and I can't wait to dive into our conversation together. ☀️ Follow our work on social media @undp4youth #Youth2030 #Youth4Peace #Youth4Climate

Nico Pampier (she/they)
Nico Pampier (she/they)

🌍 Transforming Global Governance: Join the Conversation! 🌐

Hello everyone! 🌍✊ My name is Nico Pampier, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to this interactive space as a Youth Advocate from the beautiful South Africa. I am honoured to be your lead moderator for this week in discussion room 5, where we'll be delving into the crucial topic of "Transforming Global Governance."

🚀Let's make this an engaging and dynamic conversation! I'm here to listen to your thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. Together, we can enhance our chapter and, most importantly, create a platform that empowers young people to be true partners in shaping a better, prosperous future filled with boundless potential.

So, don't be shy! Share your insights, ask questions, and let's build bridges to a more inclusive and collaborative global governance. Together, we can make a meaningful impact! 🌟🌍📚🌈

Jonathan de León
Jonathan de León

Hola buen día soy 

  • Jonathan de León es un guatemalteco hombre cisgénero, Joven gay, líder, proactivo, entusiasta, comprometido con la salud emocional y mental del país, leal y creador e innovador de programas y procesos de desarrollo curricular y extracurricular que impacta a niñez, adolescencia y juventud. del país con iniciativas digitales y modernas que mejoran el potencial de cada individuo. Amante de la psicología, docente y con más de 45 diplomados en diferentes temáticas que lo convierten en un amante del aprendizaje y la enseñanza. Cuenta con un posgrado en atención a niñez víctima de violencia sexual. Dirijo una organización guatemalteca (centroamericana) llamada Jolu de Guatemala la cuál funde con los ejes principales en adolescencia, juventud, comunidad LGBT+ y salud mental, con enfoque en la prevención del suicidio. Tengo 28 años, mucho gusto mi Instagram es: @Jonavoluntario
Deemimah Liliura
Deemimah Liliura

Greetings everyone;

I am Deemimah Liliura, hailing from the beautiful landscape of Papua New Guinea. Currently immersed in the enriching journey of pursuing my master's degree in English Language Education, I find myself drawn to the power of language and communication in shaping our world. As an enthusiastic learner, I am thrilled to be part of this space, where I can engage with diverse perspectives and express my thoughts on the pressing issues that resonate with young people today. Through dialogue and exchange, let us embark on a journey of exploration and understanding, striving to make a meaningful impact in our communities and beyond. 

warm regard,

Deemimah Liliura


Good day Folks, 

I am Ray, pursuing my graduate degree in sustainability while helping immigrant communities' needs in NYC. 

My interests are sustainability and fragile country youth issues. 

I am happy to join this meaningful discussion. 

Nadia Owusu
Nadia Owusu

Hello everyone,

Happy to be joining as a member of the UNDP Ghana Youth Sounding Board. Looking forward to contributing to discussions around Tech, Innovation and Climate Change.


Kiri Ginnerup
Kiri Ginnerup Moderator

Hello everyone - great to connect!! 👋🏻 I hope you've had a good week so far, wherever you are (perhaps with less rain than in New York...) ☀️

I'm Kiri Ginnerup and have very recently (two-ish weeks ago) joined the UNDP Global Youth team in New York where I will support UNDP's work in relation to youth political participation and the Youth, Peace and Security agenda.

I'm so excited to connect with you all in here and engage and exchange in the discussion leading up to ECOSOC Youth Forum 2024 and the Summit of the Future.🌈 


Bonjour à tous,

Je m'appelle Espoir Balangaliza de la RDC ,Ambassadeur du climat et des peuples autochtones du bassin , fondateur d'une plateforme Réseau espace Climat qui regroupé 100.000 jeune du bassin du Congo, réuni dans nos cercle d'ambassadeur.

Larissa Truchan
Larissa Truchan

Hi everyone!


My name is Larissa Truchan,  I am a human rights advocate, peace activist and feminist from the United States, pursing a law degree in international human rights law at Harvard Law School starting next year. I have spent the past few years after graduation living, studying, researching, and interning abroad for 5+ months at a time in Jordan, Kenya, Japan, NYC, and Thailand, alongside and for those directly affected by a variety of human rights violations. Thus far I have studied international humanitarian law in the context of the Syrian and Palestinian refugee crises in Amman, Jordan; facilitated the development of a public interest litigation case on citizenship for long-term refugees using domestic and international refugee and human rights law in Nairobi, Kenya; gained an expert firsthand understanding of UN processes and mechanisms by actively participating in the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly at the UN Headquarters in New York, USA; contributed to feminist efforts that successfully influenced Japanese politicians to adopt more comprehensive legislation on sexual violence against women through use of international women's rights and human rights law in Tokyo, Japan; and I am currently engaging with international human rights mechanisms to ensure that the human rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly are upheld in the face of repressive laws targeting pro-democracy activists and human rights defenders in Bangkok, Thailand.


My “home base” in NYC, and I am looking forward to all of the exciting events for youth this year at the UN, including the ECOSOC Youth Forum 2024 and the Summit of the Future. As a fellow for the UN-accredited human rights organization Human Rights Now, I have a UN grounds pass and love spending my free time attending UN sessions and side events. If anyone else is in NYC, especially those looking to attend events together, I would love to connect!


Would also love to connect with international youth from around the world on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/larissa-truchan-124313257/ 


Excited to be part of this community of youth! 

Wajdi  Al-Qadasi
Wajdi Al-Qadasi

I am very glad that my dear colleagues, members, supervisors and leaders of the Future Summit Forum are always with you .I am also very happy to be a member of the Future Summit. my name is Wajdi al-Qudsi from Yemen 🇾 🇪 a civil engineer active in the momentum of June 2019 at the invitation of the UN Secretary-General for former youth, also active in the field of climate change at the youth 4 organization and also a defender in the IYC SDG organization.COP26 .MGCY. Through platforms and social communication, he is active in the British culture center, and there is also a multiplicity of businesses. A student at the research and graduate studies center of the United Nations in Geneva via the internet...https://www.linkedin.com/in/wagdi-al-qadasi-79b409218

Tabita Neshiko
Tabita Neshiko

Hello everyone, I'm Tabita, a passionate advocate for gender equity and social justice. I believe in the power of community engagement to drive positive change. Excited to connect with all of you and share ideas for a more equitable and inclusive future! My hope for the future is to see a world where everyone, regardless of their background or identity, has equal opportunities to thrive and fulfill their potential. I envision a society where empathy, understanding, and respect are the foundations of all interactions, leading to greater harmony and collaboration among individuals and communities. I look forward to making connections with like-minded individuals who share this vision and are committed to creating positive change together. Let's inspire and support each other on this journey towards a more just and equitable world.

Connect with me on Facebook Tabita Neshiko  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100055893354126&mibextid=ZbWKwL

Eden Yohannes
Eden Yohannes

Hello I am Eden and I am passionate about r gender equality regardless of innovation.

Gender equality is not just a matter of fairness;it is a fundamental human right that should be upheld in every aspect of our lives.

I firmly believe that innovation plays a pivotal role in breaking down the barriers that hinder gender equality.by harnessing the power of technology,we can creat new pathways for change and empower individual to challenge societal norms and prejudices.it is through innovation they we can foster inclusive environment where everyone's voice are heard and valued.

I am committed to championing gender equality...what about you?

Najet Ben Mabrouk
Najet Ben Mabrouk

My Najet Ben Mabrouk ,  Tunisian climate activist and SDG advocate , changeMakers , with a master's degree in biotechnology. I am  Project Coordinator at the Tunisian Association of Energy Water & Environment since 2021 and a Leader of the One Million Leaders initiative. I was  participated in various programs, including Solution Lab 2022 for innovative business management at Fraunhofer University, WYSE UK Global Change Makers leader 2023, young women leader with Lead Like a Girl in 2023 supported by Shenomics , Women in Action 2022 cohort by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation . I was honored as the second prize winner for the best green business idea at the Go Green competition during the Global Week of Entrepreneurship in 2022. My  experience also includes being a shortlisted greenpreneur at the InVestMed summer school in Rome in September 2023 . I was  participated in the UNDP talent program Youth4Climate Academy, which supports 100 youth-led projects to call for solutions for climate change.

I was selected as  shortlisted candidate for Youth4climate 2023 with her green business idea on Sustainable cities & waste management at the global flagship event of Youth4climate with PNUD ROME & the Italian minister of Environment and Energy Security MASE in Rome.

Currently Happy to be  part in the training program at the Youth Public Policy Network at the National Democratic Institute in Tunisia, in partnership with the South Mediterranean University (SMU), which aims to hearten young people’s engagement in civil society, politics and journalism .Podcaster for Oasis'Cast as an impact project of One Million Leaders – Nelis foundation , as a young civil activist & fellow « Catalyst 4 change « supported by konrad adeauer stiftung " with my social change project SheLead : scalability of Oasis’Cast podcast and capacity building session for 2 local women’s cooperative .

As a Nelis Alumna I was selected to participate in Future of capitalism MBA

Humbled and proud to be referenced inspiring women in the article 𝙋𝙧𝑜𝙜𝙧𝙚𝑠𝑠 Portraits by the Union for the Mediterranean for the International Women's Day : Youth Activism & Climate Leadership

I was selected as a 2024 Max Thabiso Edkins Climate Ambassador for the Global Youth Climate Network!

Najet Ben Mabrouk
Najet Ben Mabrouk

I think that it is essential and crucial to : 

Strengthening Youth-led Accountability for Sustainable Development: Empower youth to participate in decision-making processes at local, national, and international levels through platforms like youth councils, advisory boards, and youth parliaments (like Youth Pulblic Policy Network / ROLYN ) 


Investing in Essential Public Services for Young People:

Engage the youth in the Think Tank : in order to create new generation , more democratice , inclusive and creative , must integrate the youth in Think Tank to resolve more issues like socio - economic , environmentale thematic .


Localizing the Pact of the Future in Communities:

Engage local stakeholders, including youth organizations, community leaders, and government officials, in the implementation of the Pact of the Future.

Adapt global sustainability goals and targets to local contexts, considering the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities of each community.

Youth Priorities for the FFD Conference in 2025 and Financing Mechanisms: face to many challenge , iti is more cruciale , Access to education and skills training, job creation and entrepreneurship opportunities, healthcare access and affordability, climate change mitigation and adaptation, gender equality and social inclusion, and peacebuilding and conflict resolution.



let's stay on contact : https://www.linkedin.com/in/najet-ben-mabrouk-5aa75b154/ 

Katrina Khan-Roberts
Katrina Khan-Roberts

Greetings everyone, Katrina Khan-Roberts here from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 🧜🏽‍♀️ https://linktr.ee/mertrina


I have had 15 years experience as a youth advocate for the environment and in the climate change space. Looking forward to being of use.

Andrea Carstensen
Andrea Carstensen

Hello everyone, welcome to the last week of consultations!


My name is Andrea Carstensen and I will be the moderator for “Chapter 2. International Peace & Security.” Originally from Los Angeles, I am a young peacebuilder, invisible disability advocate, and human rights activist dedicated to promoting inclusive development. I am currently based in London. 


I can't wait to exchange with everyone on this platform in the lead up to ECOSOC Youth Forum 2024 and the Summit of the Future! Every voice counts, so make yours heard! 

Abdinasir Addow
Abdinasir Addow

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Sean Lord
Sean Lord

Hi Everyone!!!

My name is Sean Lord, I am a LGBT youth advocate and Social Worker from Jamaica. My work is centred around providing support by way of advocacy to youth who identify as LGBT in Jamaica. 

Irene Siaw_
Irene Siaw_

Hello everyone, it's great to meet you!!

I'm Irene Siaw, joining from Ghana. I am on the Youth Sounding Board of UNDP Ghana and the topics I look to contribute towards include digital innovations and the meaningful inclusion of young people in initiatives in the development space.


Hello. My name is Wanjiru Karangah from Kenya. I am excited to be here and I cannot wait to make meaningful contributions and learn from you as we drive for change.

Sofiia Pyshnieva
Sofiia Pyshnieva

Вітаю! Hello! Hallo!

Nice to meet everyone! I registered almost two weeks ago, but I was swept away with daily tasks and routines, you know how it is...)

My name is Sofiia Pyshnieva, I am from UNDP Ukraine, and I am working in the field of civil society and youth development. You can imagine it is not an easy task in conditions of full-scale war... But there is always hope even in the darkest of times. 

Let's stay in touch, colleagues and mindful people. 



Nice to meet everyone..I’m Ani Davtyan, from Armenia, Communications Assistant at the United Nations with a background in International Relations and Journalism. I am truly excited to have an opportunity to interact with young people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds

Here is a link to my Linkedin account. https://www.linkedin.com/in/anidavtyan107/

Kenneth Obuya
Kenneth Obuya

Hello Change Makers. I am Kenneth Obuya from Kenya. I work directly with communities in the field of agriculture and ecosystem revival.  Professionally I am Climate Analyst. It is great to be in this journey! 

Irfan Pullani
Irfan Pullani

Dear all, Thank you so much for all your valuable insights on different threads. I was personally able to learn a lot of perspectives and understand global youth ideas. 

Let's keep in touch, continue the discussions and learn from each other about contributing to the realization of Sustainable Development Goals. My LinkedIn is:  www.linkedin.com/in/pullanii

Steve Willis
Steve Willis


I am excited to hear about the Summit of the Future 2024.

It is a great opportunity to provide some clarity and direction to a complex situation.

I am an engineer and have been working on large-scale climate solutions for some time – this makes me less young, but give me more practical experience.


During the covid lockdowns, we started to use climate fiction as a modelling tool to better understand the climate crisis.

Asking questions like: What will it take to fix the whole climate crisis, not just small pieces? What are the key solutions? Do they join up sufficiently? Can it be done?

This produced a collection of positive-outcome, solution-focused, climate-fiction short stories that we shared with some pavilions at COP27.


The collections was well received and explored a wide range of potential solutions in engaging short stories.


For COP28 we attended the conference in Dubai in person and gave presentations on positive visions, engaging narratives and engagement through climate fiction.

This generated enthusiastic discussions, with many delegates commenting,

‘This is a great idea, a shared vision of a future that works. Why hasn’t it been done before?’

We also introduced ‘Fairhaven, a Novel of Climate optimism’ which weaves some of the stories from the anthology into a complete arc that follows the career of a young Malaysian engineer as she works on the largest climate adaptation project in the world (currently fictional), and then becomes involved in a range of large-scale initiatives that help to address the climate crisis.


We have just completed the launch of the Fairhaven novel in Hong Kong.

It was well received and attracted a lot of interest from the wider audience, far beyond people with a pre-existing interest in the climate crisis.
There was an eagerness to hear about how the climate issues might be addressed, instead of the normal news of gloom and doom.

We sold every book we had.





I'm sure many of the members of this group would be very interested in this project.

In many ways, interested, engaged, youth are the target group.
A Summit of the Future looks like the perfect place to discuss such things.


The aim of Fairhaven is to share a vision of a future that works. A vision we can work towards, together.

As it says in the dedication – ‘To all those striving for a future that doesn’t suck.’


I look forward to hearing your thoughts.