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Join us for the next IPPN Knowledge Café, a webinar series focused on building the IPPN members’ capacity to better understand a systems perspective on policy integration and acceleration; and integrated policy solutions, including curation of tools and resources that support the design and implementation of cross-cutting policy solutions. 

About this webinar

In this Knowledge Café, policymakers from Ghana will share their experience in mainstreaming and localizing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Government of Ghana has integrated the SDGs in its national development blueprint – An Agenda for Jobs: Creating Prosperity and Equal Opportunity for All (2017-2024) – and in its National Medium-term Development Policy Framework 2022-2025 down to the SDG target and indicator levels. Furthermore, its budgets objectives were aligned with SDG targets at national and sub-national levels. Guidance from the National Development Planning Commission require sectoral ministries as well as local authorities to align their activities with the SDGs. The Ministry of Finance has developed an SDG Budgeting Manual and regularly publishes SDG Budget Reports that provide an overview of SDG investments.


Welcome and scene-settings remarks: Maricar Garde, Programme Manager for Country Programme Development, UN Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Brief presentations from top experts include:

  • Patience Ampomah, Planning Analyst, National Development Planning Commission, Ghana
  • Nana Yaw Minta Botwe, Head of Budget Technical Assistance and Support, Ministry of Finance, Ghana

Comments from the floor: Frederick Mugisha, SDG Integration Advisor for Africa, UN Development Programme (UNDP); Charles Konglo, Development Planner, National Development Planning Commission, Ghana; and Nana Yaw Mark Yankah, Principal Economic Officer, Ministry of Finance, Ghana; followed with a Q&A and exchanges with the audience!

About the speakers

Nana Yaw Minta Botwe is the Head of Budget Technical Assistance and Support at Ghana’s Ministry of Finance. He led the team that redesigned the chart of account policy segment of Government to include SDG Targets as well as the SDG Budget Report.

Patience Ampomah is a Planning Analyst with Ghana’s National Development Planning Commission. Her work entails the development and review of policies (including International Commitments – SDGs, Agenda 2063); assisting in the review and drafting of national development planning policy framework; and building M&E capacity at the Sectors and Districts among others.

Connection details

Date: Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Time: 8:00 AM New York | 1:00 PM Geneva | 3:00 PM Addis Ababa/ Istanbul | 7:00 PM Bangkok

Register in two clicks https://bit.ly/IPPN_KC4 to receive the Zoom connection details.

Session materials

Watch the recording below, click for the presentations (or download below), and find other relevant resources in the comments section.

IPPN Blog 2

Read the latest IPPN blog post authored by Frederick Mugisha, an SDG Integration Advisor at UN Development Programme Africa!

The Integrated Policy Practitioners' Network (IPPN) is a one-stop-shop for integrated policy practitioners, operating as a knowledge hub for the global community. IPPN aims to link existing efforts on SDG integration across UN agencies and beyond, and enabling cross-pollination and learning to enhance the UN System-wide capability to practice and deliver high-quality integrated policy support. IPPN is a joint effort under the auspices of the UNSDG Task Team on Integrated Policy Support.

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da qun xiang
da qun xiang

Within the framework of sustainable development goals,The formulation of the 2063 agenda of Africa's comprehensive planning development goals is very necessary, which is conducive to promoting world peace and development。
We fully support this great African development plan。

Saripalli Suryanarayana
Saripalli Suryanarayana

Yes ,we will join. Africa's development goals are very encouraging. This is conducive to promoting world peace and development. Let us fully support this great African development plan

Nadine Ravaud
Nadine Ravaud

Dear IPPN community, thank you for joining today's Knowledge Café! Find attached the PPT presentations, and please find below some key resources shared today during the event:
- Ghana’s National Medium-Term Development Policy Framework 2022-2025: https://ndpc.gov.gh/#
- Ghana’s Sector and District Budgets: https://mofep.gov.gh/publications/composite-budget/2021
- Ghana’s Ministry of Finance, SDG Budgeting Manual: https://mofep.gov.gh/index.php/publications/sustainable-development-goa…
- Ghana’s Voluntary National Review report 2019: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/23420Ghanas_VNR…
- Decade of Action: Fixing Africa’s Development Deficit: https://www.un.org/africarenewal/magazine/february-2022/decade-action-f…

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Cc' Serge Kapto Maricar Garde Frederick Mugisha

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