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Dear IPPN Community, a very warm welcome to this group!

This is an open discussion channel: feel free to share your questions, insights and lessons learned on your practical experiences in applying integrated approaches in your daily work! Please introduce yourselves, what organization are you affiliated with, where do you work?

The global IPPN launch event on the theme of "COVID-19 Lessons to Drive Integrated Action" will take place on Wednesday, 17 November 2021, this is your opportunity to learn about our platform, how this is meant to become a one-stop-shop for integrated policy practitioners, operating as a knowledge hub for the global community. Please register in two clicks!


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Looking forward to your inputs! Don't hesitate to ask any questions!

The IPPN Team

Aliyu Danjuma
Aliyu Danjuma

Hello fellow change makers, IAM a member of sparkBlue for several months,And many other UNDP programs,  Acquire a certificates  supported by UNICEF Walden University,SDG, Generations unlimited etc.  Issues on global crisis from climate change Covid 19 pandemic to social unrest jeopardizing lives and livelihoods accross the globe, Via increase in inflation rate poverty and hunger rainfall deficiency and joblessness,etc. All this that is why we are here to contribute and  provide  a solution to this global crisis, The most affected are the vulnerables, and many of whom are contributors here, Can you please check the economic status of contributor's perhaps the will need support to enable them continue into more research, Motivated  vulnerables contributors, Could you please employed me to join world leaders in improving the state of world? Much more greatful

Nadine Ravaud
Nadine Ravaud

Dear Aliyu Danjuma, thank you for your interest in the Integrated Policy Practitioners' Network. This UN inter-agency initiative promotes collective learning and experience sharing on the practice of policy integration: feel free to browse the IPPN Resource Library (https://www.sparkblue.org/IPPNgroup/topics) for more insights about this topic, all content is open for our members' comments!

Please check out the IPPN group on SparkBlue (https://www.sparkblue.org/IPPNgroup) and the IPPN website (https://sdgintegration.undp.org/IPPN) regularly for updates about our upcoming activities. Cc' Serge Kapto 

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