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Join us for the next IPPN Knowledge Café, a webinar series focused on building the IPPN members’ capacity to better understand a systems perspective on policy integration and acceleration; and integrated policy solutions, including curation of tools and resources that support the design and implementation of cross-cutting policy solutions. 

About this webinar

Global sustainable development can only be achieved if we do not leave migrants behind. It is therefore essential to develop integrated approaches and achieve policy coherence, ensuring migrants and displaced people are considered in all policies, not just migration policies, supported through governance mechanisms that empower migrants as agents of sustainable development. 

Responding to increasing demand from States and local authorities for further support specifically around safe and dignified return and sustainable reintegration of migrants, as called for in Objective 21 of the Global Compact for Migration, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), as secretariat of the UN Network on Migration, has built upon its extensive operational work, expertise and the global research on good practices and lessons learned, to identify approaches and guidance for stakeholders providing reintegration assistance.

In this sixth IPPN Knowledge Café, we will focus on how practitioners can integrate migration into their work from an integrated policy perspective, building on IOM's comprehensive approach operationalized through the Reintegration Handbook.


Welcome and scene-settings remarks, followed by a brief presentation from:

  • Tomas Ernst, Programme Manager, Mainstreaming Migration into International Cooperation and Development Initiative (MMICD), International Organization for Migration (IOM) 
  • Joy Paone, Project Officer for Capacity Building, EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub, IOM

Q&A and exchanges with the audience!

About the speakers

Mr. Ernst manages the Mainstreaming Migration into International Cooperation and Development Initiative (MMICD) at the IOM Regional Office in Brussels. Tomas and his team are responsible for supporting the European Union (EU) and EU Member States’ planning and coordination related to Migration & Sustainable Development and building technical partnerships with UN agencies related to migration mainstreaming. Tomas previously worked with the IOM Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) as the Socioeconomic Response Officer (COVID-19) and Senior Regional Labour Mobility and Human Development Officer. He previously worked for IOM Iraq and Tunisia and spent a decade working with the United Nations and World Bank in Europe, Asia-Pacific, East Africa and the Middle East
Ms. Joy Paone is a Project Officer for Capacity-Building as part of the EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub at the IOM Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. She has over 9 years of work experience in the field of migration in the US, Ghana and Switzerland in case management, donor liaison, project development, project management and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), recently focusing on reintegration.

Connection details

Date: Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Time: 8:00 AM New York | 3:00 PM Addis Ababa/ Istanbul | 7:00 PM Bangkok

Register in two clicks https://bit.ly/IPPN_KC6 to receive the Zoom connection details.

Session materials

Watch the recording below, click for the presentation (or download below), and find other relevant resources in the comments section.

The Integrated Policy Practitioners' Network (IPPN) is a one-stop-shop for integrated policy practitioners, operating as a knowledge hub for the global community. IPPN aims to link existing efforts on SDG integration across UN agencies and beyond, and enabling cross-pollination and learning to enhance the UN System-wide capability to practice and deliver high-quality integrated policy support. IPPN is a joint effort under the auspices of the UNSDG Task Team on Integrated Policy Support.

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Mushana Ivan
Mushana Ivan

I'm so thrilled being a member of this group.


Find below some key resources shared today during the event:
- IOM, Migration and the 2030 Agenda: Guide for Practitioners: https://publications.iom.int/books/migration-and-2030-agenda-guide-prac…
- IOM, Mainstreaming Migration into International Cooperation and Development (MMICD) Package of Resources: https://eea.iom.int/mmicd-resources
- IOM, Towards and Integrated Approach to Reintegration: https://www.iom.int/sites/g/files/tmzbdl486/files/our_work/DMM/AVRR/Tow…
- IOM, Reintegration Handbook: https://publications.iom.int/books/reintegration-handbook-practical-gui…
- IOM Return and Reintegration Platform: https://returnandreintegration.iom.int/en

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