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Join us for the next IPPN Knowledge Café, a webinar series focused on building the IPPN members’ capacity to better understand a systems perspective on policy integration and acceleration; and integrated policy solutions, including curation of tools and resources that support the design and implementation of cross-cutting policy solutions. 

About this webinar

As part of consultations in preparation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2023-2027, the UN Country Team in Kyrgyzstan launched the Kyrgyzstan Scenarios Exercise (KSE), aiming to map key development trends in the country and develop a shared vision on the future of the UN system in Kyrgyzstan.

The scenarios planning exercise occurred in the dramatically overlapping contexts of important political changes, constitutional transition, border conflict, regional volatility, and in the midst of a global pandemic which is severely testing national political, economic and social institutions. Using a foresight methodology, it brought together the UN Country Team, national stakeholders and experts to co-develop a range of policy scenarios for alternative futures based on critical uncertainties.

This Knowledge Café will share lessons from the UN Country Team in Kyrgyzstan on the opportunities and practical challenges in applying foresight to support strategic prioritization in Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks.


Welcome and scene-settings remarks, followed by a brief presentation from: 

  • Ozonnia Ojielo, UN Resident Coordinator, Kyrgyz Republic

This will be followed by a Q&A and exchanges with the audience!

About the speaker

Ozonnia Ojielo is the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Country Team in the Kyrgyz Republic. Before joining UN in the Kyrgyz Republic, Mr. Ojielo has been Regional Cluster Leader for Governance and Peacebuilding in Africa, Addis Ababa for the period from 2014 to 2017. In 2011-2014, he was Coordinator for Conflict Prevention and Recovery UNDP’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery in New York. He previously served as Senior Peace and Development Adviser to the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Kenya and Chief of the Peacebuilding Programme of UNDP Kenya (2008-2011); Senior Governance Adviser to the UN Resident Coordinator, and Head of the Governance Programme of UNDP Ghana (2004-2008).

Connection details

Date: Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Time: 8:00 AM New York | 3:00 PM Addis Ababa/ Istanbul | 7:00 PM Bangkok

Register in two clicks https://bit.ly/IPPN_KC7 to receive the Zoom connection details.

Session materials

Watch the recording below, click for the presentation (or download below), and find other relevant resources in the comments section.

The Integrated Policy Practitioners' Network (IPPN) is a one-stop-shop for integrated policy practitioners, operating as a knowledge hub for the global community. IPPN aims to link existing efforts on SDG integration across UN agencies and beyond, and enabling cross-pollination and learning to enhance the UN System-wide capability to practice and deliver high-quality integrated policy support. IPPN is a joint effort under the auspices of the UNSDG Task Team on Integrated Policy Support.

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Tomoaki Matsushige
Tomoaki Matsushige

Dear IPPN community, thank you for joining today's Knowledge Café! Please find below some key resources shared today during the event:
- Framing Futures: Kyrgyzstan Scenario Planning: https://kyrgyzstan.un.org/en/168736-framing-futures-kyrgyzstan-scenario-planning
- Video: Framing Futures: Kyrgyzstan Scenario Planning:
- United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework Guidance:
- Applying Foresight and Alternative Futures to the United Nations Development Assistance Framework: https://unsdg.un.org/resources/applying-foresight-and-alternative-futures-united-nations-development-assistance
- HLCP Foresight Network:

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Cc' Serge Kapto Rikard Sjostrand Ines Belchior

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