Feedback process for the draft Action Plan on A Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age


This feedback process is now closed and the feedback channels mentioned below are no longer being monitored. The various inputs received have been uploaded at the bottom of this webpage.

Current round of inputs

The CODES co-champions ran a collective intelligence exercise with the CODES community to gather inputs on the draft Action Plan for a Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age during the period 1-13 February 2022. All members of CODES were invited to engage in the process (register for CODES here):

To receive global feedback, three different tools were used.

1. ThoughtExchange

We are using a tool called ThoughtExchange, which uses natural-language processing (NLP) to digest, classify and summarize responses to the following question: 

“What other inputs, if any, would be key to ensuring that the strategic priorities identified in the Action Plan comprehensively cover the areas needed to catalyze the three shifts?”

ThoughtExchange results link:


2. Google Doc

Any precise factual corrections, updated references, or additional initiatives for the annexes can be sent to the writing team through the Action Plan in a Google Doc. Please insert direct track changes or comments into the document to share specific factual feedback. 

GoogleDoc results link: 


3. Mentimeter

We are also trying to determine the overall level of consensus around the three shifts, the 18 strategic priorities and the 12 impact initiatives using Mentimeter. The results of the Mentimeter survey are open for the CODES community to also explore. 

Mentimeter results link:



Finalization of the Action Plan

The final input process will take place in four distinct steps:

[31 January - 6 February] Pre-roundtable collective intelligence exercise. We are going to use an AI-powered sense making tool called ThoughtExchange to collect your written input on the report at a high strategic level.At the same time, the draft Action Plan will be shared as a Google Doc in Commenting Mode. Feedback using this mode should be kept to the correction of errors in the report or to suggest missing content from the supplementary tables and boxes. You will find the link to the Google doc of the Action Plan in the ThoughtExchange (Introduction).

[7 February, 4pm to 5:30 pm CET] CODES Roundtable. The Roundtable will provide an overview presentation of the report and the synthesis results from ThoughtExchange. A series of Mentimeter surveys will also be run during the Roundtable to determine where we have rough consensus and convergence on the content and where we have divergence and aspects to improve. An opportunity to raise direct questions or provide direct input will also be provided through the Q and A function of Zoom. A video recording of the Roundtable is available here.

[9 February-12 February] Post-roundtable collective intelligence exercise. We will conduct a second ThoughtExchange – to capture and integrate any additional set of views following the Roundtable.

[UNEA 5.2 Side Event] Finalization. On the basis of the input received, the CODES co-champions will conduct a final revision of the Action Plan and place it into layout during 14-28 February. This version of the draft will be presented at a side event to the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) on 2 March for a final round of stakeholder consultation, in particular by UN member states and other UNEA stakeholders. From this, the report will be finalized and submitted to the UN Technology Envoy for onward transmission to the UN Secretary General. Once adopted, it will become a formal track of the SG’s Digital Cooperation Roadmap. It will then be transformed into a commitment framework that CODES members can contribute to.

We hope this series of touch points provided a sufficient number of opportunities to communicate your views on the content and to further strengthen the level of co-ownership across the CODES community. We look forward to your engagement in the finalization process.



Comments (5)

Sally M Solaymantash
Sally M Solaymantash

Dear CODES team,

It is sad to see that none of the comments, from the prior round of review (that I spot checked), were responded to nor were incorporated into the new release. Additionally, the round table meeting held last week was more like a round soundproof dungeon containing the coalition team, while they were spoken to. The questions asked were pacified and dismissed without being discussed or answered. 

It is sad to see another amazing initiative with an enormous potential failing to meet expectations before it even gets off the ground.

I sincerely hope that I am mistaken and wish the team all the best for the adventure ahead.

Best Regards,

Sally M Solaymantash


Footnote: Agreements create confirmation. Disagreements create opportunities for growth.

I hope along the way your team learns to embrace and address disagreements with its collaborators.

David Jensen
David Jensen Moderator

Hi Sally. Thanks for the feedback. It is disappointing to learn that we still have not met your process expectations. Let me confirm that the editing team re-wrote the entire report from scratch based on all of the feedback we received in the first round. This was an extensive process that systematically considered each piece of feedback and tried to reflect it in the new structure and narrative. CODES is now over 850 people strong and many colleagues have been deeply engaged in the review process. While we have done our best to reflect the hundreds of inputs received in the draft, it wasn’t always possible to take everything into account. Which specific piece feedback was missed ? Do you think it was an accurate statement to suggest that nearly none of the feedback was incorporated? 

Let me also confirm that we are still going through the second round of feedback based on the roundtable and the google doc, mentimeter and thought exchange channels. We are doing our best to offer multiple engagement channels but it isn’t always easy with a community this large and diverse. We are always looking for ways to improve and have been trying to iterate and test new tools as we progress. 

Please let us know how we can specifically improve our feedback channels and the format of the roundtables. Looking forward to receiving further ideas and details. 

Many thanks 

Edward Darling
Edward Darling

Sadly didn't make the 13 Feb deadline but a great document drawing together the use of technology that needs to be integrated into every component that sustains life if we are to improve our world for today's generations - and tomorrow's.

Given that concrete has such an environmental impact could the Digital with Purpose Movement Item 2 page 41 We take and report concrete action on climate change be better worded?

Looking forward to being more help with the next steps and commitment for collective action

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