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CLEWs is a methodology for integrated assessment of resource systems that provides a means to analyse and assess the interlinkages that exist among energy, water, and agricultural systems as well as their impacts on – and vulnerability to – climate change. 

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RESEARCH | UN DESA's The Climate-Land-Energy-Water-Development Nexus

The case studies presented in this chapter highlight the importance of scientific evidence in supporting sustainable development policy

COUNTRY SUPPORT | CLEWs Projects managed by UNDESA, UNDP, and partners

Explore the impact of CLEWs across regions, in support of disseminating the nexus thinking for the development of integrated policies and sectoral strategies

ONLINE COURSE | UNDESA and UNDP's Introduction to Climate, Land-use, Energy and Water Systems (CLEWs) 

Join this course to learn about the CLEWs modelling tool and how it can be used to assess sustainable development strategies

TRAINING | UNDESA and UNDP's Applying CLEWs to Inform Nationally-Determined Contributions in Asia-Pacific

Review the recordings and materials of this 8-week introductory course to CLEWs, with a specific focus on the Asia-Pacific context

TOOL | OSeMOSYS: Open Source Modelling System for Integrated Assessment and Planning

Learn about quantitative analysis to inform sustainable development policy, through this open source modelling system