Find below selected events taking place in the second quarter (April-June 2022) of relevance to the SDGi community—the most relevant ones include the "SDG wheel" icon!

Date Event Location

SDG wheel GIF 6-7 Apr

UNECE European Regional Forum for Sustainable Development Switzerland and Global (online)
7 Apr UN World Health Day Global (Online)
13-14 Apr 7th 'Our Ocean' Conference Palau, and Global (online)
19-20 Apr ECOSOC Youth Forum 2022 New York, United States (online)
21 Apr UN World Creativity and Innovation Day Global (online)
21-22 Apr UN DESA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and IDLO SDG 16 Conference – People-Centered Governance in a Post Pandemic World Rome, Italy and Global (online)
SDG wheel GIF 22-24 Apr World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund's 2022 Spring Meetings Washington DC, United States (online)
SDG wheel GIF 25-28 Apr ECOSOC Forum on Financing for Development New York, United States (online)
25-29 Apr UN Commission on Population and Development New York, United States (online)

25 Apr-8 May

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

New York, United States (online)
26 Apr

Launch of the 2022 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction

Global (online)
SDG wheel GIF28 Apr London, United Kingdom
28 Apr UN High-level Meeting on New Urban Agenda New York, United States (online)
4 May UN DESA Transforming Commitments into Action – Delivering on the Outcomes of the High-Level Dialogue on Energy New York, United States (online)
4-5 May USAID, TechChange and partners' Global Digital Development Forum Washington D.C, United States (online)
SDG wheel GIF 5-6 May New York, United States (online)
23-24 May Fintech World Forum London, United Kingdom
23-27 May UNESCAP Commission, 78th Session Bangkok, Thailand and Global (Online)
23-28 May

Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, 7th Session

Bali, Indonesia (online)
23-28 May UNODRR Seventh Session of the Global Platform for Disease Risk Reduction

Bali, Indonesia (Online)

SDG wheel GIF 1-2 Jun

UN Global Compact's Leaders Summit 2022

Global (online)
2-3 Jun UN Stockholm +50 Stockholm, Sweden
Early Jun TBC Global (online)
7 Jun UN World Food Safety Day Global (online)
8 Jun UN World Ocean Day Global (online)
26-28 Jun G7 Leaders’ Summit 2022 Germany (Online)
26-30 Jun

UN Habitat's 11th World Urban Forum

Katowice, Poland (online)

27 Jun UN Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day Global (online)
27 Jun-1 Jul UN 9th Annual World Ocean Summit Lisbon, Portugal and Global (online)


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