Find below selected events taking place in the first quarter (January-March 2022) of relevance to the SDGi community—the most relevant ones include the "SDG wheel" icon!

Date Event Location
13 Jan New York, United States (online)
15-22 Jan

Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai, UAE, and Global (online)
17 Jan Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week Summit Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Global (online)
17-21 Jan World Economic Forum's The Davos Agenda 2022 Davos, Switzerland, and Global (online)

SDG wheel GIF 18 Jan

Sustainable Development Solutions Network's Global Solutions Forum Global (online)
19 Jan Abu Dhabi Sustainable Finance Forum Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Global (online)
24 Jan UN International Day of Education Global (online)
SDG wheel GIF 2 Feb ECOSOC Partnership Forum 2022 New York, United States (online)
SDG wheel GIF 3-4 Feb ECOSOC Coordination Segment 2022 New York, United States (online)
7-10 Feb Online UNEP Global Major Groups and Stakeholders Forum 2022 Global (online)
SDG wheel GIF 7-16

UN Commission on Social Development, 60th Session

New York, United States (online)
7-18 Feb The Hague Academy for Local Governance's Course on Fiscal Decentralization and Local Finance Global (online)
9-11 Feb Brest, France (online)
SDG wheel GIF 14-17 Feb

The Economist's Sustainability Week Asia

Asia-Pacific (online)
17-18 Feb 6th European Union-African Union (EU-AU) Summit Brussels, Belgium (online)
22-23 Feb ESCWA's 6th Workshop on Voluntary National Reviews Arab States (online)
23-24 Feb Food For Future Summit and Expo 2022 Dubai, United Arab Emirates (online)
1 Mar UN Zero Discrimination Day Global (online)
1-4 Mar New York, United States (online)
2-4 Mar UNSDSN Together| Ensemble 2022 Global (Online)

SDG wheel GIF 3-5 Mar

UNECA Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development Africa (online)
8 Mar UN International Women’s Day Global (online)

SDG wheel GIF 8-10 Mar

LAC (online)
8-11 Mar The Economist's Technology for Change Week Asia 2022 Asia-Pacific (online)
10 Mar European Economic and Social Committee’s New Own Resource Package: The Three Engines for Financing Growth and Recovery of the European Economy Global (Online)
10 Mar

Natural Capital Investment Conference 2022

Global (online)

SDG wheel GIF15-17 Mar

ESCWA Arab Regional Forum on Sustainable Development Arab States (online)
17 Mar UNSDSN Addressing International Spillovers Global (Online)
18 Mar UNSDSN World Happiness Report Launch

Global (Online)

20 Mar UN International Day of Happiness Global (online)
21 Mar

UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Global (online)

22-27 Mar

World Water Council's 9th World Water Forum

Dakar, Senegal (online)

28 Mar UN Preparatory Meeting for Stockholm+50

New York, United States

28 Mar UNCTAD Commission on Science and Technology for Development, 25th Session Geneva, Switzerland and Global (Online)
SDG wheel GIF28-31 Mar ESCAP Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Sustainable Development

Asia-Pacific (online)

28-31 Mar UN ESCAP Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2022 Bangkok, Thailand
28-31 Mar UNFCCC Regional Climate Week for the Middle East and North Africa Dubai, United Arab Emirates (online)
29-31 Mar G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group Jakarta, Indonesia

SDG Global Festival of Action

Global (online)

First quarter TBC Heads of State-level Global COVID-19 Summit Washington DC, United States (online)


? Click for past events in the third quarter (July-September 2021) and fourth quarter (October-December 2021) of relevance to the SDGi community.

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