Project Background

Regi-TRUST was initially started at the Linux Foundation in 2021 as the Global COVID-19 Certificate Network (GCCN) project to address the trust interoperability among COVID certificate systems. The project transitioned to the HIV and Health Group (HHG) team at UNDP in Summer 2022 with an added focus on developing governance and policy guidelines for the technical infrastructure. Since the transition, UNDP has also been collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO) to implement its G20 Pilot Global Trust Network for COVID-19 Certificates while working to broaden the scope of the project to support digital health services and beyond.   

As we rename the project to Regi-TRUST, we are committed to delivering the GCCN as the first pilot and real-world use case for Regi-TRUST while building and offering it as a Digital Public Good (DPG) for broad use globally.  


Intended Impact and Outcomes 

  • Offer a decentralized, inclusive, and flexible digital trust infrastructure and a suite of supporting tools as a Digital Public Good (DPG) 
  • Provide comprehensive policy and governance guidelines to support operationalization of networks or ecosystems built on the infrastructure 
  • Develop practical use cases for the infrastructure and support their global implementations 


Project Status – Phase 1  

Period: July 2022 to March 2023 

The project is in the middle of its first phase, with three areas of focus:  

Development of v1.0 technical specification and core

  • Technical Specification: Public Review Draft
  • Open Source Reference Implementation: Repo to be released soon.


GCCN Pilot - contained pilot(s) for the COVID-19 certificate use case

The Global COVID-19 Certificate Network (GCCN) provides a global infrastructure that allows individuals to share key health data in a trusted manner both inside and outside of their countries, starting with their COVID-19 certificates. It provides an important platform for global reopening, but also a futureproofed digital infrastructure for future pandemics, health crises, or other priorities requiring verification. There is no such solution today that addresses equitable and inclusive systems of care for cross-border scenarios in a way that enables countries or jurisdictions at various levels of economic development to participate equally.

More information about the pilot projects here.  


Development of v1.0 policy and governance guidelines 

UNDP launched a four-week open consultation to identify the key governance attributes, drivers, and considerations for GCCN – from the scope of governance, governance structures and related considerations, to the role of governance in scaling the network. We aim to develop policy and governance guidelines for COVID-19 certificate/public health emergency that could be extended to other uses of Regi-TRUST.


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