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A one-stop shop with technical, advisory and partnership support for scaling up digital health solutions. 

What is the Digital Health for Development Hub?

UNDP works with countries, communities and partners to scale up evidence- and rights-based digital health solutions for resilient and sustainable health systems, and better health and well-being for all.

The Digital Health for Development Hub aims to assist countries to identify, adapt and scale up appropriate digital solutions that strengthen health systems, while supporting effective and inclusive governance for digital health and addressing the inequalities that fuel disease and pandemics. The Hub exemplifies UNDP’s strategic focus on transformative drivers for sustainable development. 

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Discover over 100 UNDP-supported digital health initiatives from across 70 countries that fit your specific needs and context.

Key resources

  • Assessment Toolkit for Digital Health: Enables a range of assessments to be conducted across the digital health ecosystem, including on the technology architecture and governance, technical functionality, feasibility, usability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Digital Guide for Health: Provides global guidance for UNDP Country Offices on integrating digital solutions within health policy and programming.
  • Digital Health for Development Dashboard: Promotes sharing of knowledge and experiences on UNDP-supported digital health solutions from around the world.
  • Digital X Solutions Catalogue: Presents proven digital health solutions that can be used by countries for scale up.
  • Guidance on the Rights-Based and Ethical Use of Digital Technologies in HIV and Health Programmes: Provides relevant ethical, human rights and technical considerations for countries adopting digital technologies for HIV and health.
  • HIV and Health Community of Practice (CoP): Serves as a platform to connect health experts and practitioners, and to promote technical exchanges and collaboration. 
  • Global Experts Roster: Maintains an up to date repository of technical experts who complement and supplement UNDP’s capacity on digital health.




“Doctor For Everyone” bridges the gap between patients and doctors in remote areas of Viet Nam. 




The Government of Rwanda and UNDP use disinfecting robots to fight the spread of COVID-19 and reduce hospital acquired infections.

Meet the team

Dr. Manish Pant, Policy Specialist on Digital Health, HIV and Health Group, UNDP, manish.pant@undp.org

Les Ong, Programme Specialist, Access and Delivery Partnership, HIV and Health Group, UNDP, leslie.ong@undp.org

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