Welcome to the second course of the training on the use of International Futures to model the impact of COVID-19 on the SDGs!

This second course will focus on fiscal systems, covering how a shock to GDP (like those being experienced now as a result of COVID-19) can impact government revenues and expenses, and creating scenarios that increase direct cash transfers to lower-income workers, exploring how this could both decrease poverty and further strain government finances. Please review the training plan and the recommended reading materials

For this second course, it is assumed that you have already installed IFs and that you have followed the first session and are familiar with the IFs tool. For a refresher, you may watch the recordings of the first course.

Download the attached scenario file and templates for a sample report and spreadsheet, that will be used for hands-on exercises in this course. [NOTE: Rename the file "Welfare Transfers.txt" to "Welfare Transfers.sce"]. 

Course recordings:

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