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Let's start by downloading IFs here.

For Mac OS X users, please read below and use this hyperlink.

Installing International Futures (IFs)

Participants should know in advance that they will need a Windows operating system with administrative privileges in order to install IFs. This is particularly important for those that plan to use an organizational computer and may need to speak to someone in order to escalate their privileges. If there is difficulty installing the tool on government issued computers, I would first recommend that participants bring their personal computers to work with. There also is an online version of the tool, but I strongly discourage against relying on it for the workshop.

For participants that are using a Mac or Linux operating systems, they will need to use virtualization software (VirtualBox, Parallels, Bootcamp, etc.) to install a Windows operating system. More details can be found in the "Installing IFs on OS X", though a quick Google search for “run Windows on Mac” may be quicker and easier.

Additional specifications include at least 10 GB of hard drive space and 2 GB of memory (any computer purchased within the last 5 years should meet those requirements). It is also preferable for computers to have Microsoft Office (including Excel and Access), though it is not necessary to run IFs.

There can be problems with computers which have a system-language that uses commas (instead of points) to delineate decimals. Changing the operating language of a Windows machine is different for each version, but from what I can tell you can access it from the “Control Panel” in each. Normally it is under an option called “Time and Language” or “Region and Language” or something along those lines. The search term “Change language” followed by the version of windows should bring up clear instructions in the first hit. 

Getting technical support

If you have issues installing IFs, or have a technical question please join the tech support discussion so your questions can be answered.

Pardee Center and UNDP SDG Integration teams

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