We'll be adding resources here looking at: 

  • Energy transition and green jobs: proposals to drive the energy transition and foster green jobs in the aftermath of the pandemic.
  • Adaptation and resilience: overcoming the barriers and enhancing the role of youth in accelerating adaptation and resilience.
  • Nature based solutions: exploring and recognizing the interlinkages between nature and climate change, and the role of natural solutions in supporting livelihoods and achieving sustainable development.
  • Financial flows: proposals for countries on how to realign financial flows so that they support a low carbon and climate resilient future.
  • Tourism: proposals to guide the recovery of the tourism industry worldwide while ensuring sustainability, acknowledging the mutual relations with climate change.
Energy transition & green jobs
  1. IRENA Youth Talk: Addressing equity & climate challenges through renewables-based energy transitions: video

Adaptation & resilience
  1. Race to Resilience:

    Overview Climate Adaptation Summit | Climate Vulnerable Countries | First Round of Initiatives 

Nature based solutions
  1. Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA)—a type of nature-based solution (NbS)—can generate social and economic returns and provide multiple benefits, which can build resilience to climate change: NAP Global Network - explainer video.
Financial flows
  1. Addressing the COVID-19 and climate crises: Potential economic recovery pathways and their implications for climate change mitigation, NDCs and broader socio-economic goals: OECD / IEA Climate Change Expert Group Paper
  2. Net Zero Financial Alliance Podcast: Financing the Race to Zero COP26 and the Glasgow financial Alliance