Be our eyes and ears on the ground at COP26 and join a network of activists!

We want to pass the mic and amplify your voice and stories on our social media channels at the UN SDG Action Campaign. As world leaders convene, this is the opportunity to engage the global SDG Action community and showcase your compelling and authentic COP26 message and experience with the world. 

We’re looking for interested Climate Activists who could share their COP26 learnings, experiences, inspiring moments, solutions, and calls to action. This is what simply you can do: 

  • Share your experience in any medium you feel comfortable with - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posts and stories, Tik Tok, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, and more! 
  • Join our WhatsApp group to be connected to fellow activists on the ground. Through the group, you can organize meetups with each other at COP. 
  • Capture the vibe, behind the scenes, and the on-the-ground experience. 
  • Create online content using any format you like- videos, photos, posts, blogs, interviews, etc.  
  • The sky is the limit - get creative as you want  

Find more ideas and suggestions on how to share your experience and voice in this document

To share your experience with the UN SDG Action Campaign: 

  •  Tag @SDGAction and use #TurnItAround #Act4SDGs in your contact.
  • Send us your photos and/or videos via Instagram DM to @SDGaction.
  • Share your content and materials on the WhatsApp group.
  • Our team will pick them up and amplify them widely.

Join the movement and let's amplify your messages and #TurnItAround for Climate at COP26!


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