We'll be adding resources here on non-state actors’ engagement in climate action looking at:

  • Food: proposals on how to make food systems less impactive and more climate resilient, as well as to further industry in raising awareness on the mutual relations between climate change and food behaviours.  
  • Entrepreneurship: identifying ways to foster transformation processes and push accelerators into climate technology markets..
  • Sports: proposals to reduce the climate impact of the sports industry and to strengthen its role in raising climate change awareness, including by further developing its role with in the Climate Action Agenda.
  • Fashion: proposals to improve the engagement and liability of the fashion industry in the fight against climate change, including by further developing its role within the Climate Action Agenda.
  • Arts: exploring ideas to enhance the engagement of the many arts industries with a view to raise the visibility of climate change matters.
Race to Zero
  1. Overview of the Race to Zero initiative | 
  2. Climate Action Pathways 
  3. Breakthroughs - transforming our systems together
  4. Global Optimism Podcast series
  5. Ted Countdown 
  6. High Level Champions' video
  1. UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action initiative was launched (video) at COP24 in Katowice, Poland, in December 2018.
  2. Cleaner Air, Better Game: UEFA Workshop for EU Green Week 2021: video
  1. The Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action was launched (video) at COP24 in Katowice, Poland, in December 2018. You can find Charter resources here.
  2. Interview (video) with Stella McCartney about the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.
  3. Race to Zero - a roadmap aimed at steering the fashion industry on a path to a zero carbon future, including the Decarbonizing Fashion Milestones report.