We'll be adding resources here that look at: 

  • Showcasing impacts and solutions: enable equality through climate action, recognizing the rights and leadership of local communities and indigenous people, as well as women, and their unique perspectives in finding solutions.
  • Education: identifying means, topics and standards for environmental education in schools and universities.
  • Public awareness and mobilization: developing innovative public and private actions to make the scientific message accessible to all, and ensuring mutual engagement between individuals and governments is encouraged and protected.
  • Media: proposals for media to improve the narratives and how they communicate about the climate emergency.
Showcasing impacts & solutions
  1. UNFCCC Global Climate Action - 'lighthouse activities' shining light on the most inspiring and transformational mitigation and adaptation activities - see winning activities from 2011 - 2020.
  2. The Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform (LCIPP) is an open and inclusive space and brings together people and their knowledge systems to build a climate resilient world for all - training webinars on ethical and equitable engagement of Indigenous Knowledge in the context of climate change.
  1. Annual Action for Climate Empowerment Dialogues under the UNFCCC - covering climate education, training, public awareness, participation and access to information - videos, presentations, reports.
  2. Race to Zero in Universities and Colleges 
Public awareness & mobilization