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Building on the momentum of the global Transformation Dialogues Series (January-June 2021), led by Presencing Institute and powered by SDG integration, a 4-month UN Action Learning Lab took place – an opportunity to apply Theory U systems methods to critical challenges within practitioner portfolios.

This is not a traditional course. It’s an opportunity to apply different approaches in your work, drawing on personal and professional experiences in partnership with peer colleagues and expert guides.

What the recording of the Ask Me Anything session for an overview:

Who is participating?

Participating UN Agencies

Participating Agency Logos

Participation Breakdown

Participation Breakdown

Participation by country

Participation By Country

What can I expect?

This is a four months’ interactive journey where practitioners will learn how to move from concept to prototype and build the confidence to enact them. Participants will be introduced to systems methods by the Presencing Institute in a series of workshops, and receive and contribute to peer-coaching to collectively move ideas from paper to practice.

This will equip participants with a unique skill set that empowers them to be a true agent of change in the Decade of Action, by learning:

  • Modalities for sensing - ways of finding, navigating and understanding complex development challenges by situating yourself in the system and centering the voices of the people with lived experience. 
  • Modalities for presencing - ways of reducing the noise in complexity and finding clarity about what and how to tackle acute challenges. 
  • Modalities for prototyping - ways of proactively testing actions required for operating in uncertainty

Faq - Frequently asked questions | Alfa Forni


What are we learning?

Visuals from the workshops

Workshop 1: Co-Initiation

Co-Initiation Workshop Visual

Visual created by Kelvy Bird

Workshop 2: Co-Sensing

Co-Sensing Workshop Visual

Visual created by Jayce Pei Yu Lee

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