The following guiding questions are aligned to each of the three main Leadership Dialogues planned for the Stockholm+50 meeting and will be integrated into the overall consultation agenda and report. Please refer to the question number in your comment.

  1. LD1: Reflecting on the urgent need for actions to achieve a healthy planet and prosperity of all:
    1. How can we restore and regenerate a positive relationship with nature? List 2 or 3 good practices and pathways that you would like to see scaled up to enable a move to a healthy planet?
    2. What are the actions that you (your group) would take to scale up the change towards a healthy planet? What policies/structures need to be in place for you to take such action?
    3. How could marginalised and vulnerable groups benefit from policies and initiatives designed to restore a more sustainable and resilient relationship with nature (that mitigates nature risks)?
    4. How can we safeguard the rights of people and nature, including among others, indigenous peoples and local communities, environmental defenders, women, youth, future generations?
    5. What are the new or prioritized set of metrics and indicators needed for tracking our progress towards a healthier and more prosperous planet?

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Tiris Terras
Tiris Terras

# Dalan primeiro nebe mak ita bele halo mak Hanesan:

* Halo Lei tara Bandu ho montante nebe boot tebes.

*Halo argreemento ho ema nebe mak tesi ai Arbiru no mos fo opsaun  3 ba Nia Hanesan:

-wainhira tesi ai Ida tenki ser Kuda fila fali ai 10 .

-wainhira  tesi ai  sei hetan sansaun ka Multa ho montante osan nebe  mak boot.

*Point ikus mak ita tenki  Halo proposta ba parlamento atu nunee Sira bele Kria lei Ida nebe mak regurozu ba ema Sira nebe mak gosta estraga ambiente. 

Domingos Lequi Siga Maria
Domingos Lequi Siga Maria Moderator

Obrigado barak @Tiris Terras ba ita-nia hanoin no proposta. Espera sei ajuda nia estado kria lei no regulamentu sira mak hanesan ita sujere ona. 


Iha maneira barak maki ta bele uza hodi restore no regenerate relasaun positivo entre ita ema ho natureza liu husi hahalok kikoan sira nebe ita bele halo iha ita nia moris  loron-loron. Hanesan, Redue, Reuse and Recycle,  hamenus soe foer arbiru hodi bele prevene flooding, moras malaria nsst. HO ida nee timor presija iha lei nebe bandu ema atu soe foer arbiru atu nune la iha tan ema nebe mak sei soe foer arbiru iha bdalan no fatin publico.  Alem de ida ne iha mos maneira seluk nebe ita bele halo hodi protege ita nia natureza no ita nia mundo, hanesan :

  1. Conserve remaining wild places

Wild places iha Timor barak no barak mos mkmaka agora komesa estaga ka lakon tamba iha ema barak nebe mak ate agora sei nafatin tesi ai arbiru susnu rai no mos halo kasa ba animal fuik sira  no animal protegido sira hanesan rusa nsst. Liu husi ita nee ita nia governo presija  tau atensaun bot hodi bele projete wild places iha ita nia rai liu husi hasai rei tara bandu ba kasa animal fuik no tesi ai, sunu rai arbiru .

  1. Plan trees

Maneira simples maibe efektivu nebe mak ita bele halo hodi bele restore ita nia natureza mak hanesan kuda aihoris bar-barak. Ai horis  iha benefesiu barak tebes ba ita ema nia moris no mos ba natureza. Tan ne kuda aihoris barak is a must

xka B
xka B

1. Ways to restore and generate positive relationship with nature:

a. Create more green/wild spaces in our community which is a very effective way to restore natural balance in local ecosystem- simply allow long grass to grow with wildflowers can be a vital source of food for insects which will be beneficial for other species of birds or plants

b. Reduce our carbon footprint by e.g grow our own food, consume local and seasonal products and reduce food waste. make it as a habit to turn off the lights when natural light is sufficient and when leave the room. Reduce cars/motorbike, get the habit of riding bicycle or walk to places that are nearby (save money on fuel and good for health too)-- government need to create a safe and convenient  space for pedestrians/bikers

c. For a bigger scale that need government and other organization involvement: running campaigns to raise awareness, investing in environmental project



Domingos Lequi Siga Maria
Domingos Lequi Siga Maria Moderator

Thank you xka B for sharing your thoughts on ways to restore and generate positive relationship with nature. Insightful. 

xka B
xka B

5.  Metrics/Indicators that can be used for tracking progress towards healthier & prosperous planet:

a.  Water quality and  availability

b. Rate of deforestation- soil erosion

c. Use of energy resources- minimum use of fossil fuel, greater usage ofof green/renewable energy

d. Air quality - CO2 emission and concentration in the atmosphere