The following guiding questions are aligned to each of the three main Leadership Dialogues planned for the Stockholm+50 meeting and will be integrated into the overall consultation agenda and report. Please refer to the question number in your comment.

  1. LD1: Reflecting on the urgent need for actions to achieve a healthy planet and prosperity of all:
    1. How can we restore and regenerate a positive relationship with nature? List 2 or 3 good practices and pathways that you would like to see scaled up to enable a move to a healthy planet?
    2. What are the actions that you (your group) would take to scale up the change towards a healthy planet? What policies/structures need to be in place for you to take such action?
    3. How could marginalised and vulnerable groups benefit from policies and initiatives designed to restore a more sustainable and resilient relationship with nature (that mitigates nature risks)?
    4. How can we safeguard the rights of people and nature, including among others, indigenous peoples and local communities, environmental defenders, women, youth, future generations?
    5. What are the new or prioritized set of metrics and indicators needed for tracking our progress towards a healthier and more prosperous planet?

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Madookur Desha
Madookur Desha Moderator

Education: To include a comprehensive course on environmental protection in school curriculums in order to empower the children from a very young age. Educate children for home gardening and ensure sustained sensitisation campaigns in schools and colleges. Create new educational programs about the importance of nature so that people can better understand why they need to change their harmful actions towards nature

Madookur Desha
Madookur Desha Moderator

Youth constitute key partners for the Stockholm +50 themes, as they are constantly active for change and have the energy and will power required to bring about change. They are considered as digital pioneers and have the creative mind to use technology to bring about the required change.