The official launch of the Stockholm+50 national consultations

Meerim Ruslanbekova
Meerim Ruslanbekova

April 14th 2022

It’s time for bold choices. It’s time for urgent action. It’s time for a better future on a healthy planet.

To reimagine a common, prosperous future on a healthy planet, Stockholm+50 calls for an inclusive approach that reflects the richness and diversity of voices and perspectives of various stakeholder groups: local governments, cities, civil society, women, indigenous peoples and local communities, faith-based groups, academia, youth, industry, finance, and philanthropic foundations. All major stakeholder groups are encouraged to contribute to the preparation of the international meeting, including through a range of national consultations.

The objective of the national consultations is to stimulate an inclusive whole-of-society and whole-of-government dialogue on the main themes of Stockholm+50 ad the Leadership Dialogues as they relate to each national context. The consultations will provide in-person and virtual platforms for ideas, insights, and innovation that:

  • Build a shared global vision on how to achieve a healthy planet and prosperity for all while accelerating progress on the Sustainable Development Goals and Multilateral Environment Agreements through an inclusive green recovery;
  • Offer clear recommendations for governments, civil society, and the private sector on priority actions that can advance national and sectoral policies that address climate change and leverage nature-based solutions;
  • Amplify the voices of the poor, youth, women, indigenous groups, local communities, and other marginalized groups; and
  • Influence national and global debates that consider the views of all stakeholders.

??? We want to hear your ideas on achieving healthy and prosperity for all!

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