Covid-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of human lives and socio-economic systems. Apart from these challenges, the pandemic made us more mindful of the negative impacts of human activities on the surrounding environment. It strengthened the argument in support of increased efforts to combat environmental challenges. The pandemic stimulated discussions on transition to low-carbon, resource efficient, inclusive and resilient production and value chains. It confirmed the need to advance more rigorously the circular approaches in economy. Development of green livelihoods by supporting not only green jobs, but also building cleaner production chains will enable emergence of shock resilient businesses with thought out business continuity plans. These changes will open doors into new and more resilient market opportunities, safeguarding satisfaction of environmentally conscious consumer groups. It also provides opportunity for better and increased stakeholder engagement, rejuvenating and diversifying actors in value chain of business models.


The session will focus on pathways that facilitate post pandemic recovery and the shift towards green approaches in economic sectors; it will discuss the ways to introduce clean technologies, promote green jobs and improve cooperation to support capacity development, innovation and progress.


Specific Topics

  • Sustainable and inclusive recovery practices applied at individual, community, city, regional and national levels
  • Distributing benefits stemming from a sustainable and just transition equitably
  • Actions needed to facilitate the shift towards low-carbon production in food, energy and manufacturing sectors and application of circular approaches
  • Commitments and “responsible” principles that need to be made by key industry sectors and by finance and investment institutions
  • Green jobs and new skills - transition to sustainable and inclusive practices and pathways




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