Availability of natural resources and health of ecosystems are essential for human wellbeing. Healthy ecosystems also play an important role in achieving better resilience in chaining climatic conditions. Apart from this, we value ecosystems not only for what they can bring, but for what they are. Current trends of ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss are alarming and we need to step up action on their protection. Harmony with nature can only be achieved if human right to healthy and sustainable environment is fulfilled and transformation to sustainable socio-economic systems is guided by principles of inclusivity, equity, equality and empowerment of vulnerable groups. Essential role in this plays the justice system that is a powerful tool in fight against environmental and human rights offenses. Without reconsidering our consumption patterns and sustainable production of goods and services, healthy planet cannot not be achieved. More efforts are needed to introduce, apply and use economic instruments that help to reduce pressure on environment.


This session will focus on good practices in addressing ecosystem degradation; it will discuss the challenges for advancing human rights to healthy and sustainable environment and look at ways to measure progress towards healthier and more prosperous planet.


Specific Topics:

  • Good practices and pathways addressing ecosystem degradation that can be scaled up
  • Policies and structures that are needed to promote nature-based solutions and ecosystem approaches; how to scale up and accelerate this process
  • Safeguarding the human right to healthy and sustainable environment; what are challenges to fulfill this right and how to overcome them
  • How vulnerable groups may benefit from policies aiming at  restoring a sustainable relationship with nature; how to tailor policies to their needs
  • Measuring progress on sustainable development – priority metrics and indicators needed for tracking progress


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In English


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