In the last decades significant financial resources have been mobilized for addressing environmental challenges. Various innovative financing models have been developed and applied to promote environmental protection, climate change adaptation, low carbon development, circular economy, nature-based solutions, etc. Policies are needed to push forward green and sustainable economic transformation. Decision making processes shall be supported with adequate institutional base and capacities to carry out systemic changes. Moreover, given the complex and cross-sectoral nature of environmental protection, efforts of only single institution cannot lead to strengthened environmental dimension of sustainable development.  In this respect, with the purpose to bolster economic models that promote and support green transition, environmental authorities need strengthening their capacities further on the one hand, and expanding partnership and collaboration with other sectors on the other hand. Participation of youth in all aspects of environmental protection, is key in transformational changes, as young people are drivers of change. The above goals are beyond the capacity of individual countries to address singlehandedly, therefore, cooperation among countries is needed for learning from each other and coordinating action.

The session will generate ideas and recommendation for sustainable development, particularly in the light of the commitments to the 2030 Agenda. It will also discuss the importance of partnership and inclusivity in achieving SDG goals.


Specific Topics

  • Challenges of the implementation of the commitments to the 2030 Agenda and other environmental commitments and how to overcome them

  • Good practices and pathways that accelerate the implementation of the environmental dimension of Sustainable Development in the context, of the Decade of Action

  • Public, private and development finance supporting commitments and priorities; how to align them.

  • Cooperation to support green and sustainable economic transformation; what type of partnership can accelerate this process

  • Role of youth in green and sustainable economic transformation


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