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Articles, Publications and Resources that Inspire Strategic Foresight

"Balancing analytical rigour with unleashing of the imagination and tapping into unconventional sources of knowledge and insight"

Purpose and practice of foresight

In November 2021, UNESCO's Executive Board recommended to its General Conference to adopt a resolution to celebrate World Futures Day on 2 December each year, in compliance with the UN Common Agenda proclaimed by the Secretary General of the UN in September 2021. This paper by Joern Buehring and Peter C. Bishop (2020) puts forward the case for Foresight and design: New support for strategic decision making.

Additional resources on purpose and practice:

Inspiration and imaginaries

We need to find ways to meaningfully engage with and admit indigenous and traditional ecological knowledge, stories and myths, art and design, into development policy and planning. Channelling emotionality + imagination + questions helps us move away from narrow, "best practice" thinking, to become more agile, adaptive, and inclusive.

A big part of this involves looking for the future in two places that may not be immediately obvious: the past/history, and outside of the so-called "developed" world:

Resources and methodology

The following resources consider tools, mechanisms and best practices for integrating foresight into organizations:

Gamification and pushing boundaries

Below are some out-of-the-box ways to think about and approach foresight:

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