Welcome to the 'Keeping Track' Discussion Room - an interactive platform for governments, country's carbon market and/or NDC focal point to collaboratively share on their perspectives and insights on their county’s MRV Integrated System 


This discussion room will focus on collaboratively sharing perspectives and insights on your country's MRV Integrated System, with a particular emphasis on exploring the backend technology, modules, and addressing observed gaps, challenges, and limitation. 

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Discussion Points: 

Country-Specific Technology: Let's delve into how your country has designed the backend technology for its MRV systems. Please feel free to share insights into the technological advancements, tools, and frameworks used in data collection, processing, and reporting. 

Modules: Do you require an assessment of your country's MRV System? Does it encompass all the necessary modules and parameters to effectively track and monitor progress towards your NDC goal achievement? Feel free to refer to the diagram and highlight the modules available in your country's system 

Gaps: Let's candidly discuss the gaps, challenges, and limitations observed in your country’s current MRV systems.  


Let's use this discussion forum to collaborate and learn from each other, and to continue to brainstorm and shape the DPG MRV Integrated System. 


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