193 nations are committing to the Paris Agreement through Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Tracking climate action and the national progress in reducing GHG emissions, adaptation and financial flows or carbon credits is easier said than done. With each country facing unique challenges, the race to a greener future can often lead to duplicated efforts and scattered funding. UNDP and their powerful allies – Digital for Climate Working Group starting with World Bank, UNFCCC, EBRD, as well as with Norway and Digital Public Goods Alliance - are stepping up to the challenge! They are tackling the 'collective action problem' to climate change by developing an open-source codebase of Climate Transparency and Carbon Registries as a Digital Public Good to support nations in building their NDC transparency and monitoring reporting systems.

For an in-depth look at why the world needs a common infrastructure for reporting climate targets, check out this new blog and discover how UNDP and partners such as UNFCCC, World Bank, EBRD, Norway are working together to build a common digital ecosystem for countries.

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