Welcome to the First Community of Practice Meeting: ‘Keeping Track - Digital Public Goods for the Paris Agreement’ 

The first meeting for the "Keeping Track - Digital Public Goods for the Paris Agreement" community of practice was held on 13th December, 2022. The meeting was opened by the Government of Norway, UNDP and UNFCCC representatives, and brought together transparency practitioners, technologists and international experts with special appreciation to Namibia and Seychelles for sharing their experiences on the journey to leverage on Digital Public Goods for enhanced transparency.  

Agenda and Speakers 

Welcoming Remarks  

  • Mr. Christer Solheim Gundersen, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Agency for Development 
  • Ms. Cassie Flynn, Strategic Advisor on Climate Change and Lead of Climate Promise, United Nations Development Programme 
  • Mr. Jyri Jantti, Climate Change Specialist, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 

Presentation of the Digital Public Good for Climate and Carbon Transparency 

  • Ms. Reina Otsuka, Lead Digital Innovation for Nature, Climate and Energy, UNDP 

Sharing experience from participating countries 

  • Mr. Reagan Chunga, Project Coordinator from the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, Government of Namibia 
  • Mr. Theodore Marguarite, MRV Consultant, Government of Seychelles 

Group discussions on end to end digital climate cooperation  

Plenary report back, next steps 

Group Discussion Questions 

We discussed the three core elements of a DPG Transparency System in breakout rooms; (1) NDC Reporting, (2) Carbon Registry; (3) Interoperability.  

Q1. What is missing from the diagram? 

Q2. What are the challenges you see?

See what others said on the whiteboard


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