Are you ready to be a part of a groundbreaking digital "ecosystem" for inclusive climate action?

The Digital4Climate working group, consisting of UNDP, World Bank, EBRD, and UNFCCC, is leading the charge towards enhanced transparency through digitalization. At COP27, these experts gathered to discuss the various components of the digital infrastructure needed to bring MRV (Measurement, Reporting and Verification) to life. Think of it like a thriving forest, filled with diverse players such as global institutions, national systems, and private sector innovators, all working towards the same goal.

Some of the interesting topics covered during the discussion are: End to end digital ecosystem for carbon markets, Digital Measurement Reporting and Verification (DMRV) tools, digitization methodologies and future relevant digital technologies to offer solutions to challenges such as double claim, double accounting, and lack of centralized registries for compliance, and voluntary carbon market.

Join the movement and be a part of this exciting journey!


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