Indonesia national consultation aims to stimulate an inclusive whole-of-society and whole-of-government dialogue on the main themes of Stockhom+50 as they relate to Indonesian context. To better inform the stakeholders about Stockholm+50, we started with the introductory webinars to the Stockholm+50 initiative in March 2022 with representatives from academia and universities, co-hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The introductory webinars discussed the lessons learned from Indonesia related to the main themes of Stockhom+50.

In the 1st Introductory webinar, began with welcoming remarks by the UNDP resident representative in Indonesia, Mr. Norimasa Shimomura. Continued by Mr. Ibnu Wahyutomo from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mrs. Marina Berg, the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia, who gave the opening remarks. There are three speakers, Dr. Ir. Soeryo Adiwibowo from the University of IPB introduced the development of human-nature relationship in the past 50 years. Dr. Alin Halimatussadiah from the University of Indonesia explained how we evaluated the greenness of the economy and COVID-19 recovery. Prof. Arief Anshory Yusuf from the Center of SDGs Studies at Padjajaran University explored the many aspects of the paradigm shift needed for sustainable development.

To get a healthy environment and a strong economy can not only be done by the government alone. But it also requires cooperation from various parties, ranging from the private sector, and academia, to civil society. Because, with the knowledge developed by academics, it will be easier to understand the causes and effects of environmental problems. So that practically, it can support the formulation of inclusive policies that can overcome current issues.




Speaker's material for the Introductory Webinar to Academia

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