UNDP and UN-Habitat Partners’ Meet on Integrated Urban Resilience

Vanessa Schultz
Vanessa Schultz

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UNDP and UN-Habitat are convening a Partners’ Meet on Integrated Urban Resilience to socialize the vision and intent informing the collaborative action on urban resilience while seeking to benefit from the perspectives of development partners, stakeholders, national governments, inter-governmental organizations, think-tanks and other key organizations, both within and outside the UN system, to foster synergies of action and convergence of approaches on issues related to urban resilience. The Partners’ Meet will foster a discussion on effective joined-up efforts and will bring to bear knowledge, expertise and technical resources to support delivery and financing, as well as research and innovation to advance risk-informed urban development and to build resilience aligned with Pillar-3 of the New Urban Agenda focusing on Environmentally sustainable and resilient urban development.




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