Premiere of 'Walk the Talk - Vlog'

Phuntsho Namgay

We are getting ready for Stockholm+50 

We launched the National Stakeholder Consultations in Bhutan last month and the second consultation on energy, industry and waste sectors is currently underway. Stockholm+50 is an opportunity for us to draw on our environmental action to achieve bold and urgent action needed to secure a better future on a healthy planet.

In addition to the national stakeholder consultation meetings, we are so excited to bring together Chencho Norbu and Tshering Denkar to share their experiences and views on climate change, and biodiversity loss and nature degradation. VLOG coming out soon on our social media platforms.



The vlog will be premiered on 25 April. Watch it premiere on UNDP Bhutan's Facebook page HERE 

About the Host and the Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker: Mr Chencho Norbu 

Mr Chencho Norbu was the first Executive Director of the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) Secretariat based in Soul, the Republic of Korea from Jan 2019 through Dec 2020. Before taking up said post he was with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests for more than two decades and served as the Program Director of the National Soil Services Center, Director of the Department of Agriculture, and Director General of the Department of Forests and Park Services.  He also went on to serve as the Secretary of the National Environment Commission Secretariat, and the Secretary to the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement of the Royal Government of Bhutan.

Norbu has a master's degree in science (soil) from Cornell University. He is a recipient of the Order of Diplomatic Service Merit, (Heungin medal), from the President of the Republic of Korea in 2021 for his contributions to the country's ODA projects to improve livelihoods of the recipient countries and enhancing friendly relations with them.

Host: Ms Tshering Denkar

Ms Tshering Denkar of Denkars Getaway is the first Bhutanese travel blogger, vlogger and a popular social media influencer. 

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