National Stakeholder Consultation

National Stakeholder Consultation 2- Bhutan

Phuntsho Namgay

National Stakeholder Consultation 2: Energy, Industry and Waste Sector (manufacturing, mining, energy, transport, human settlement, tourism and climate change)




Government: Department of Hydropower and Power Systems, Dept. of Renewable Energy, Dept. of Industry, Dept. of Cottage and Small Industries, Dept. of Geology and Mines, Dept. of Trade, Road Safety and Transport Authority, Dept. of Civil Aviation, Dept. of Human Settlement, Dept. of Engineering Services, Dept. of Roads, Thromde Offices, Dzongkhag Administrations, Waste Flagship Office (PMU/WMD), BSB, EV PMU (PMO), DDM/MoHCA, NCHM

Corporate and Private Sector: Druk Air, Tashi Air, Bhutan Helicopter Services Limited, City Bus Service, DHI, DGPC, Industries, Bus Service Operators, Trucking Companies, Taxi Operators, Greener Ways, Green Roads, Ride sharing apps, 

CSOs: ABI, Clean Bhutan, Taxi Association, Construction Association, BCCI, HRAB, ABTO, GAB.

You can join via zoom HERE

Programme agenda attached below.


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