LAUNCH WEBINAR | SDG Acceleration Toolkit: 100+ Useful Tools to Move SDG Commitments to Action

Nadine Ravaud
Nadine Ravaud

We are pleased to invite you to the launch webinar for the revamped UNSDG SDG Acceleration Toolkit. The webinar will take place on Wednesday 12  May 2021, 8:00-9:00 AM EDT (New York) | 2:00-3:00 PM CET (Geneva) | 7:00-8:00 PM ICT (Bangkok)

Brief background

Compiled by the UNSDG Task Team on Integrated Policy Support, this compendium gathers over 100 tools for analyzing system interconnections, enhancing policy coherence, ensuring that no one is left behind, identifying risks and building resilience.


Event agenda

This webinar will be an opportunity for policy experts in the UN and beyond to learn about the Toolkit. As we move into the Decade of Action, it is important for the policy community to be equipped with the latest and most advanced tools in order to offer integrated policy solutions and innovations to real-world complex challenges.


In this webinar facilitated by the co-chairs of the UNSDG Task Team on Integrated Policy Support (ILO, UNDP, UNICEF), you will learn more about this important Toolkit and how to access it through the online platform to support your work on SDG implementation and acceleration. Speakers from the UNSDG Task Team on Leaving No One Behind, Human Rights and the Normative Agenda, RCO Nepal and IOM will showcase concrete and practical examples of how integrated policy tools can be applied at country level. Participants will be invited to join the discussion and share their insights in an open discussion.


Recording and PPT presentations

For those who missed this webinar, please find the webinar recording and PPT presentations below:


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Nadine Ravaud
Nadine Ravaud

Dear colleagues, thank you to the 350+ among you who participated in this webinar! If you missed this event, please watch the recording and find all the key links shared today:
- SDG Acceleration Toolkit:
- Webinar PPT presentations and the recording of today’s webinar, see above and here:
- MAPS e-course:
- Join the One UN Yammer group for the SDG Acceleration Toolkit implementation:
- Interested to learn more about the Integrated Policy Practitioners Network (IPPN)? Register here:

Any questions about the webinar or the toolkit itself can be directed to:

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