Did you know that worldwide agricultural support to producers accounts for almost USD 540 billion a year

Global support to agricultural producers totals half a trillion dollars and is set to soar even higher in the coming years. But the current way this support is provided has led to farming practices that are harmful to nature and health, thus working against sustainable, equitable, and efficient food systems.

We need to rethink, repurpose and reform this support, increasing its efficiency and the way it can support our path towards healthier people and planet and achieving Zero Hunger.

As a global call-to-action to repurpose agricultural support, join us for the launch of the report A Multi-billion-dollar Opportunity: Repurposing Agricultural Support to Transform Food Systems, co-produced by FAO, UNEP, and UNDP.

This public, live event will bring together a round of influential speakers who will share learning, insights, best practices to inspire and inform fundamental shifts in how we can accelerate and scale repurposing our support to food systems globally.

A high-level opening will be followed by a technical discussion, highlighting the key analysis of the report:

  • An updated estimate of agricultural support, covering 88 countries, over time and considering different country groups
  • The impacts of agricultural support on nature, climate change, health, nutrition, and equity and the implications of reforming them
  • Opportunities for repurposing and benefits
  • 6-step guide on how to repurpose agricultural support
  • Overcoming challenges in the short to longer-term, based on country experiences

Please save the date!

Tuesday, 14 September 2021 at 9.00 (EDT) / 14.00 (BST) / 15.00 (CET) / 21.00 (SGT).

Registration is now closed: https://bit.ly/FoodSystemsReport

Watch the recording of the live event below!

Click for the full report and browse the presentation and speakers' short biographies attached.

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