Arena International’s Sustainable Finance Summit and Awards 2023

Ngoc Trinh
Ngoc Trinh

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With sustainable finance topping the agenda for the world’s leading banks, Arena International, publishers of Leasing life and Motor Finance are proud to announce the inaugural Sustainable Finance Summit & Awards 2023 event will be held on 11 May 2023 in Paris.

The Summit aligns with the sustainable finance strategy launched by the European Commission in 2021 which proposes action in several areas including providing the right tools and incentives to access transition finance and how to exploit the opportunities digital technologies offer for sustainable finance.

Offering clients ways to be profitable and planet friendly is what sustainable finance is all about, says Leasing Life and its sister publication Motor Finance, who have been showcasing European thought leadership for the last 18 years via their respective conferences and awards events. Based on past attendance records, the Paris Summit will bring together the leading thought leaders and innovators in sustainable asset financing.

Asset finance clients are asking today’s burning questions of their financial service providers: how do I future-proof my business against climate change? Who is willing to support fresh eco-initiatives? How do I achieve my net-zero goals for funding and managing my assets? These are some of the questions the Summit, to be held at a leading Parisian hotel yet to be disclosed, will address.

The Awards evening gala event – recognising the efforts by leading financial institutions to achieve their sustainable outcomes through innovation, new finance models and the use of digital tools – will close the Sustainable Finance Summit 2023. More details to follow.

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