Welcome to the Partnership Lounge!​

The Lounge is a social and networking place for our discussions with implementing partners and UNICEF. ​

This is also where we discuss our common journey to revising our partnership framework to improve our programme effectiveness for children and communities around the world. As part of this journey, we are eager to know who you are, your organization and how we can strengthen our partnerships to increase our joint programme impact for every child.​

For the upcoming revision of the implementing partnership procedures and guidance, we are working to prioritize  people, partners and programmes over  processes and compliance- we are eager to hear from you on how we can jointly collaborate on this journey. ​

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Your voice, experiences and expertise matter!


Discussion Questions:

  • QUESTION 1: Who are you (Introduce yourself, your organization, and where you work/partner with UNICEF)?
  • QUESTION 2:  Share with us an example of a successful and/or unsuccessful partnership interaction with UNICEF.
    • What are the factors you believe contributed to the partnership successes and/or challenges
  • QUESTION 3: UNICEF works with implementing partners to deliver results for children around the world; however we sometimes hear back that our partnerships feels more like we have a contractual (partner=vendor and UNICEF=client/donor) relationship. Why is this the case?
    • What can we do to strengthen our collaboration and engagement around the principles of partnership?
    • How can we better adjust our terminology and approaches to better reflect the nature of out partnerships?
  • QUESTION 4: Any key areas you would like to discuss as part of our ongoing revisions to our implementing partnership procedures and processes?

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Aman Haile
Aman Haile Moderator

Dear partners and UNICEF staff, we look forward to your participation on this exciting topic! If some of you see the following message (below), please click on the  "View group" icon (highlighted in blue) and click "Join" to become a member of the consultation space, which will enable the comments feature.

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International Rural Education & Cultural Association
International Rural Education & Cultural Association

1. I am Dr Vinod kumar Koushik from CBO named " International Rural Education and Cultural Association (INRECA Sansthan) working in Narmada District State Gujarat in India partnering with UNICEF Program in various pursuits viz.Routine Immunization,ANC PNC, Breastfeeding, Hand washing and hygiene,Nutrition, and CMAM Program.

2. All activities has been implemented successfully by engaging stakeholders, convergence with various department like PO-ICDS, CDHO-Health, Director-DRDA, THO-Health, CDPO-ICDS, AWW, ASHA, through SBCC and coordination among the service provider. attachment enclosed.

3.Our partnership has been very much cordial and considered has equal partner not as contractual or timed partners. The only suggestion is about partnership we need to emphasis on long term partnership for achieving accomplished results in particular area and program despite working on the partnership for 8 or 9 months duration program wherein taking long time to restart after a big gap till then whole set up build  in the rural areas get shattered which imparts negative impact in achieving the results.

4.ECD and Nutrition are the core issues the  our areas on which we are keen to work upon them 



Nazeef Khan
Nazeef Khan Moderator

Dr Vinod Kumar Koushik, many thanks for a detailed introduction to your organization and for sharing key achievements in collaboration with UNICEF.  

We will be providing guidance to offices to seek long-term (multi-year) partnerships for better impact and sustainable results. 

Thanks again. 

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